Cambridge University Boat Club is honoured to receive support from a generous and growing community of benefactors. Our gratitude is beyond measure and we are delighted to give a high level of recognition to our supporters. 

Each year we are privileged to provide a Donor Impact Report to our supporters, sharing the many things they make possible. It is also a chance to share a bit more about the Club’s structure, our sources of revenue, how we allocate resources and the ways we work with key partners such as the University. After reading this report, if you have any questions or would like to get involved, please do get in touch.

We are also extremely grateful to those donors who supported the building of the Ely Boathouse. Thanks to our community, more than 7 years on from the opening of the boathouse in Ely, our athletes have had incredible success on the water. The ‘7 Years On: Report to Ely Boathouse Donors’ shares what donors made possible.

We would like to recognise the incredible generosity of the group of founding donors of The CUBC Rowing Charitable Fund, an endowment fund created to hold major philanthropic gifts to the Club in perpetuity. Many thanks to Stephen Peel, David Cassidy, Jim Garman, Siobhan & Adrian Cassidy, Matt Brittin, Sam Brooks and Malcolm Baker. We are also deeply grateful to those who have committed to the endowment anonymously.

Stephen Peel

Stephen Peel

Stephen Peel started rowing at King’s School Chester, before coming up in 1984 to Downing College, where he is now a Wilkins Fellow. He rowed in the Blue Boat for all 3 years of his undergraduate degree, winning in 1986, and serving as CUBC President in 1987.  He rowed in the GB national team from 1985 to 1988, competing in three world championships, the Commonwealth Games (winning a silver medal) and the 1988 Olympics in Seoul (finishing 4th in the coxless 4s).  He also won the Grand and Stewards Cups at Henley.  He now competes in masters rowing with Crabtree BC. He has also founded the Infinity Boat Club in Teesside, which aims to deliver a competitive rowing program to less privileged school children in the area.

Stephen says:

“Experiences and learnings from rowing at school and university have been instrumental to almost everything I have done since.  I consider the sport to be unique in the life skills it can build in young people. It is important to me that the scholar-athlete tradition associated with the Boat Race and Cambridge rowing continues for generations to come. I hope many others who have enjoyed and benefited from the experience of rowing with the CUBC will share this ambition and support the club financially.”

Malcolm Baker

Malcolm, a professor at Harvard Business School, came to Cambridge, St. Edmund’s College, in 1992 after four years of rowing at Brown University and three summers with the US National Team, culminating in the 1992 Olympic Games, where he competed in the 8+. He was in the victorious Men’s Blue Boat in 1993 – the first year all 6 crews swept Oxford and a photo was taken outside the Hawks’ Club to commemorate the occasion. Malcolm continues to row with friends and can sometimes be found making his way down the Charles in a single with his wife, Christina, kids, or friends. 

Malcolm says:

“Rowing and Cambridge are never far from the centre of my life. I shared my Boat Race year with Christina in Cambridge, where she was a psychology researcher, and we married two years later. As our children have taken up the sport in recent years, we have become involved with Community Rowing in Boston, whose mission is to increase access to rowing in Boston and elsewhere, so that people from all backgrounds have the opportunity to benefit from the transformative experience of rowing.

I hope that a new generation of Cambridge rowers has the same opportunity that I had thirty years ago, to find the best in themselves and to bring out the best in their teammates and their competition, in a way that propels another group of scholar-athletes from Camrbidge and Oxford to make a positive difference in the world.”

David Cassidy

David Cassidy came up to Trinity Hall to read Medicine between 1995 and 2000, having learnt to row at Shrewsbury School. He was a winning Blue in 1997 and rowed in the Goldie in 1996 and 1998. In 1998, he led a successful Boat Race campaign when he was CUBC President.  David won further Blues in Golf in 1999 and 2000 and was President of the Hawks’ Club from 1999 to 2000.

David is currently the Chief Executive of Proman, a global leader in natural gas derived products and the energy transition. 

David says:

“Through my time at Cambridge, and in particular CUBC, I learnt about the importance of personal sacrifice and resilience under pressure in order to achieve collective goals within any team or organisation. It is the recognition of the values learnt and indeed gifted to me by CUBC that I believe should be preserved and passed onto future generations. That gift was granted by the more than 1000 people who helped create the values and ethos of CUBC before I joined the Club and, therefore, it is imperative to give back to the Club.”

For that reason, David believes donations to CUBC are essential and it is one of his priorities to maintain and indeed raise the level of high-performance rowing at Cambridge for future generations.

The following members of our community have partnered with CUBC, financially supporting the Club’s vision. Their gifts are improving the experiences of current and future student-athletes on and off the water, ensuring that every crew is as well-prepared as possible to beat Oxford. The donors listed below made a gift or gifts to CUBC between 1 August 2022 – 31 July 2023, in line with the academic and the Club’s fiscal year. We deeply appreciate their involvement. We would also like to extend thanks again to donors of previous fundraising campaigns.

Miss Rebecca Abbott
Mr Dara Alizadeh OLY
Mrs Rosemary Allen
Mr Nicholas Ames
Mr Matthew Arnold
Mr Kyle Axner
Mr James Bailey
Mr Jerry Bailey
Professor Malcolm Baker OLY
Dr Christina Wood Baker
Mr James Ball
Dr Dirk Bangert
Ms Kelsey Barolak
Miss Stephanie Barwise
Mrs Elizabeth Bassett Spare
Dr James Bastian
Mrs Tedie Jones Bastian
Dr Richard Bates
Mr James Behrens
Mr David Bell
Mr Giovanni Bergamo-Andreis
Mr Jon Bernstein
Dr Cath Bishop OLY
Mr Nick Bliss
Miss Peta Blundell Spare
Ms Isabel Boanas Evans
Dr Ben Booth
Mr Charles Bourne
Dr Nicholas Bradley
Dr Bruce Braithwaite
Dr Marten Brelen
Mr Graham Brook
Mr Christian Brun
Viscount Buckmaster
Mr George Budden
Dr Nicola Burbidge
Dr Joanna Burch Blondie
Ms Jo Busvine
Mr Gardner Cadwalader OLY
Mr Peter Carey
Ms Rebecca Caroe
Mr John Carver
Mr Dick Cashin OLY
Dr Susannah Cass
Mr David Cassidy
Dr Hilary Cassidy
Mr Nordin Catic
Mr Peter Champion Spare
Dr Georgina Charlesworth
Mr Rod Chisholm OLY
Captain Nicholas Clack RN Rtd
Mr Richard Clarke
Mr Ian Clarke
Mrs Olivia Coffey OLY
Dr Tom Coker
Mr Andrew Collier CBE
Mr Michael Colyer
Mr Ross Cook
Dr Stephanie Cook MBE OLY
Mrs Sarah Cooke
Sir Anthony Cooke-Yarborough Bt.
Mr Piers Coombs
Dr Piers Copham
Miss Alexandra Courage
Mr Kyle Coveny
Ms Anna Crowley
Mr Hardy Cubasch
Mr Jimmy Daboo
Major Christopher Davey
Mr Frederick Davidson
Mr Nick Davies
Mr Mark Davies
Mr Christopher Daws
Mr Sebastian Dawson
Dr Nicholas de Pennington
Professor Mark de Rond
Mr Jeremy Debenham
Mr Patrick Delafield
Dr Rebecca Dell
Mr Carl Dietz
Mr Guy du Parc Braham
Mr Richard Dunn
Dr Ben Dyer
Dr David Earl
Professor Alastair Edge
Dr Andrew Elder
Mr Tony Elgood
Mr Henry Elkington
Dr Julian Elliott
Dr Paddy Elwood
Mr Nicholas English
Mr James Entwisle
Dr Nicola Evans
Mr Alexander Fell
Dr Nonie Ferrand
Mr Chris Fielden
Mr Charles Fisher
Dr Bettina Forster
Ms Laura Foster
Mr Rob Foster
Mr James Fulcher
Mr Geoff Gage
Mr Thomas George OLY
Professor Ted Gibson PhD
Dr George Gilbert
Dr Christopher Gill

Mr Stephen Goddard
Mrs Tina Goode
Mr Paddy Gordon
Miss Myriam Goudet
Miss Imogen Grant OLY
Richard Gray
Mr Robert Greatorex
Mr Charlie Green
Mr Lasse Grimmer
Mr John Hale
Mrs Elizabeth Hamilton
Mr Simon Harris
Mr Charles Harris
Mr Martin Haycock
Laura Heaton
Mr David Height
Mr James Hervey-Bathurst CBE
Mr Jonathan Hickey
Mrs Sue Higginson
Mr Martin Hoather
Miss Helen Hodges
Mr Henry Hoffstot
Dr Liz Holmes
Louise Hopper MBE
Mr John Hughes
Mr James Hunter
Dr Morag Hunter
Professor Jon Hutton
Mr Simon Irish
Ms Kate Jackson
Mr Chris Jacob
Mr Peter Jacobs
Mr Howard Jacobs
Dr Neil James
Mr Garan Jenkin
Mr Dale Jennings
Ms Veronica Johansson Poultney
Mr Max Justicz
Mr Andrew Kelly
Mrs Zoe Kenealy
Mr Mike King and Mrs Liz King
Mr Murray King
Mrs Jane Kingsbury
Mr John Kinsella
Mr Nate Kirk
Mr Stephen Kirkpatrick
Mr Martin Kubie
Ms Sarah Langslow
Mr Tom Latter
Mr Bobby Lawes
Mr Christopher Le Neve Foster
Mrs Vanessa Leamon
Mr James Lee
Mr James Livingston
Mr Nicholas J London
Mrs Jo London
Mr Roger Lowe
Mr Charles Lowe
Dr Sam Lucy
Professor Paul Luzio
Mrs Natalie MacLean
Lt Gen Sir John MacMillan KCB CBE OLY
Dame Louise Makin DBE
Mr Aleksander Malowany
Mr Alex Markham
Mr Peter Marsland
Professor Daphne Martschenko
Mr Maciej Maruszczak
Mr Will Mason
Professor Emma Mawdsley
Miss Gillian McFarland
Mrs Charlotte Monico
Mr Patrick Moore
Mr R H L Morgan
Mr Simon Morris
Miss Fiona Morrison
Mr Jonathan Moulsdale
Mr Richard Muirhead
Dr Paul Munro-Faure OBE
Mrs Lucy Murray
Lord Napier of Magdala
Mr George Nash MBE OLY
Mrs Katie Nash
Ms Ruth Naylor
Mrs Elizabeth Nelson
Mr David Nelson
Miss Briony Newington
Mr Felix Newman
Mr Tim Nugent
Ms Anne O’Leary
Mr James Orme
Dr John Owen
Dr Kate Panter
Mr Matthew Parish OLY
Mrs Zoë Parish
Dr Abigail Parker
Mr Toby Parnell
Mr Matt Parry
Mr Edward Peacock
Mr Stephen Peel OLY
Mrs Yana Peel
Mr Henry Pelly
Dr Justin Pepperell
Mr Arturo Perez Kramer
Miss Amelia Perrin
Mr Bruce Perry

Dr Natasha Petersen
Jim Pew Esq
Mrs Annamarie Phelps CBE OLY
Mr Richard Phelps
Dr Joe Pitt Goldie
Dr Sam Polak
Mr Robin Ponte
Dr Guy Pooley OLY
Mrs Sarah Pooley
Mr James Porter
Dr Rob Portsmouth
Mr Brian Potterill
Mr Colin Pritchard
Mr John Pritchard OLY
Mr Hugo Ramambason
Sir David Reddaway
Mr Richard Reeve
Dr Melanie Reichelt
Professor Jon Rhodes
Dr Libby Richards
Miss Jenny Ridge
Mr Jamie Riley
Mrs Sarah-Kate Roberts
Mr David Roberts
Mr Robert Robinson
Dr Tom Roe
Ms Elizabeth Rounce
Mr Peter Rutland
Mrs Felicity Rutland DL
Miss Fay Sandford
Mr Paul Sansome
Dr Larkin Sayre
Mr Simon Schürch OLY
Ms Vian Sharif
Mr Edward Sherwood
Dr Fiona Shields
Mrs Sarah Shipton
Mrs Lucy Sidey
Mr Barry Skingle
Dr Teague Smith
Miss Patricia Smith
Mr Richard Smith
Mr Andrew Smith
Mr Richard Spink
Dr David Sprague
Mr Richard Staite
Mr Benjamin F. Stapleton
Mr John Stebbing
Mr Timothy Steele
Mr Roger Stephens
Mr Code Sternal
Mr Alexander Summers
Mrs Sophia Supple
Dr Laura Sutcliffe
Dr Claire Sweeney
Mrs Sidney Syson
Mr David Tait
Mr Alister Taylor
Mr Roger Taylor
Mr Richard Tett
Mr Benjamin Thomas
Dr Annie Thwaite
Dr Charlotte Tovey
Mr Quintus Travis
Mr Lance Tredell Mee
Miss Hilary Tunnicliffe
Mr Dmytro Tupchiienko
Dr Jonathan Vibhishanan
Mrs Penelope Vincent-Sweet
Ms Sally Visick
Mr Dobs Vye
Dr Laura Watkins
Mrs Nicola Watt Blondie 1990
Mr Amalavajra Webb
Mr Michael Webber
Mr James Wedlake
Dr Leigh Weiss
Frau Paula Wesselmann
Mr Philip Westmacott
Mr Roger Weston
Ms Caroline Whalley
Mr Henry Wheare
Ms Alice White
Dr Dave White
Professor Kate White
Mr Martin White
Dr Karen Wiemer
Dr Tony Williams
Mr Mark Wilson
Mr Sam Wilson
Dr Sarah Wilson
Ms Eleanor Wimett
Ms Sarah Winckless MBE OLY
Mr Charles Winslade
Mr Paul Withers
Mr James Witter
Miss Emma Wright
Mr James Wright
Mr Oliver Wynne-Griffith OLY
Mr Richard Wynne-Griffith
Mr Jason Yeung
Ms Julie Young
Ms Thea Zabell

Legacy gifts and commitments

A legacy gift to CUBC is a gift to tomorrow – one that ensures future student-athletes will benefit from the transformational experience of rowing for Cambridge. The following individuals have generously included CUBC in plans for their estate.

Mr Stephen Berger (Men’s Blue Boat 1983, 1984)
Mr Charlie Green (Goldie 1986)
Mr Donald Legget (Men’s Blue Boat 1963, 1964)
Mr David Tait (Men’s Lightweight 1998, 1999)
Ms Sarah Winckless MBE OLY (Women’s Blue Boat 1995,1996, 1997)

The estate of Lindsay Henderson
We would also like to thank those wishing to remain anonymous.

Team Hosts, Volunteers and Gifts In Kind

To the members of our community who host student-athletes in their homes, we want to thank you for your generosity. The success of our crews would be impossible without you, and your ongoing hospitality is sincerely appreciated.

We would also like to thank those donors who supported the Club with gifts in kind of goods and services, particularly our volunteer coaches.

Adrian Cassidy
James Cracknell
Matthew Griffiths
Mike Taylor

“It would be impossible to train the way we do without the generous support of our donors. From funded transport to and from training, to amazing facilities, funded kit and fantastic volunteer coaches as well as our wonderful London hosts, our CUBC experience truly would not be the same without them.”
Carys-Ann Earl Blondie 2023 | Caius