Cambridge provides students with the opportunity to excel both academically and athletically. Students enjoy training in a high-performance environment whilst also pursuing their studies at one of the world’s leading institutions. Coaches are mindful that academics take priority and create schedules that allow students to reach their full potential both on and off the water. 

I believe that the focus I put into both my research and rowing strengthens my performance in the other. A PhD project is a single long-term goal and can be very independent, so I really appreciate how training for rowing in the mornings and evenings offers a change of pace to bookend my day. On the water, we receive immediate feedback and get to work very closely with incredibly motivated teammates. The intelligence and energy of every member of the squad make us faster, but also support and inspire me to achieve more off the water.

Abigail Parker, PhD Zoology

Cambridge has allowed me to combine the best course for my degree with the highest performance university rowing program in the country. It can be a challenge combining a degree with such extreme contact hours and training for some of the toughest races in rowing, but this team has supported me to achieve in both. Coxing for CUBC has been the highlight of my Cambridge experience and I can’t wait to do it all over again.

Josh Kershaw, Undergraduate Veterinary Medicine

As a PhD student in the physics department and coxswain for the CUBC women, I found that it was possible, and encouraged to strike a balance between training and studying. I found that everyone in the squad is committed to excelling in both their degree and their rowing, and by being a part of that environment, I was encouraged by my teammates to work my hardest both on and off the water. Because the training schedule is pre-set throughout the year, I knew in advance when I would be available for meetings, and that allowed me to manage my time more effectively than I had done previously when I was not combining rowing with my PhD.  Overall, rowing during the academic year has taught me about time management, communication skills, and working well with others.

Angela Harper, PhD Physics

At CUBC I am surrounded everyday by students far more experienced than myself, both in rowing and academically. The extraordinary people I have met here have made me set higher standards for myself I had thought I could never achieve. They have pushed me to be the best version of myself not only in the boat, but as a student of Cambridge, which has allowed me to become all the more successful.

Elena Von Mueller, Undergraduate Engineering

Academic Awards

CUBC values excellence on and off the water. Since 2016 the Women’s President and Club Chair have presented academic awards at the Club’s Annual General Meeting.

Every student who has raced in a Boat Race or reserve crew and who achieves a First Class degree or academic award in the same season, is presented with an award.  In recent years, the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education Graham Virgo and Master of Emmanuel College, Dame Fiona Reynolds, have presented certificates to members of the team surrounded by team mates and members of the university academic community.

President’s Prize

Awarded annually, the President’s Prize recognises the peak academic achievement amongst its triallists. Judged by a panel of senior academic members of the University, the winner is presented with a ‘Spy’ cartoon donated by CUBC legend Donald Legget, and is recognised on the honours board at the Goldie Boathouse. 

Undergraduate Study

Cambridge offers 30 undergraduate courses, which cover 65 subject areas. You can find out more about the courses available, the admissions process, and Cambridge’s collegiate system at the University’s Undergraduate Courses page. Undergraduates make up a substantial portion of our trialling squad every year, many of whom learn to row at Cambridge.

Postgraduate Study

Cambridge’s 270 full-time postgraduate courses offer the widest of scopes for your learning. From African Studies to Zoology, Cambridge’s postgraduate courses are taught by world-leading specialists, and the University’s Postgraduate Courses webpage provides information on entry requirements and closing dates.

Want to row for Cambridge?

Rowing for Cambridge is a unique combination of academic and sporting excellence. We welcome athletes of all abilities from a range of backgrounds in the trialling process, starting each season in September.

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