CUBC prepares for BUCS Regatta 2024

Looking to regain its title as Women’s Victor Ludorum Trophy Holders from 2022 and to move up the ladder in the men’s category, CUBC will enter a large number of boats across the three days of the regatta at Nottingham. Taking in boats from Beginners to Championship level, CUBC will be well represented and in the hunt for medals!

Saturday May 4th:

  • Champ2-: Iris Powell/Carys Earl, Megan Lee/Clare Hole, Jenna Armstrong/Gemma King
  • Inter2-: Lucy Havard/Katy Hempson, Molly Cushing/Lihani du Plessis, Belle Stevens/Helen Nielsen-Scott
  • Championship 4x: Belle Stevens/Megan Lee/Carina Graf/Gemma King
  • Intermediate 4x: Maddy Jackson/Alice Baines/Helen Nielsen-Scott/Beanie Spain
  • Lightweight 2x: Hannah Murphy/ Kate Crowley, Claire Cooper/Arden Berlinger

Sunday May 5th:

  • Champ 8+: Hannah Murphy, Megan Lee, Clare Hole, Carys Earl, Carina Graf, Jenna Armstrong, Iris Powell, Jo Matthews, Gemma King
  • Inter8+: Kate Crowley, Beanie Spain, Rowan Saltmarsh, Belle Stevens, Lucy Havard, Alice Baines, Georgia Gollogly
  • Lwt4-: Maddy Jackson, Arden Berlinger, Katy Hempson, Lauren Britten
  • Champ1x: Gemma King, Belle Stevens
  • Inter1x: Alice Baines, Lihani du Plessis, Beanie Spain, Emily Morbey
  • InterLwt1x: Claire Cooper
  • Dev8+: TBC

Monday May 6th:

  • Champ 4-: Gemma King/ Carys Earl/ Iris Powell/ Jenna Armstrong,
  • Champ 4+ Hannah Murphy, Carina Graf, Jo Matthews, Clare Hole, Megan Lee
  • Inter 4+: Kate Crowley, Beanie Spain, Rowan Saltmarsh, Belle Stevens, Lucy Havard
  • Inter 4+: Charlotte Heeley, Molly Cushing, Livia Lisi Vega, Katy Hempson, Claire Cooper
  • InterLwt2-: Katy Hempson/Georgia Gollogly, Lauren Britten/Maddy Jackson
  • Champ 2x: Belle Stevens/Gemma King, Megan Lee/Carina Graf
  • Intermediate 2x: Alice Baines/Beanie Spain
  • Lightweight Intermediate 4x: Maddie Jackson/Georgia Gollogly/Arden Berlinger/Lauren Britten