On 1 August 2020, the three separate rowing clubs of the university – Cambridge University Boat Club, Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club, and Cambridge University Lightweight Rowing Club – became one new club for all men and women, openweight and lightweight, who represent Cambridge and race against Oxford. 

The history of the events explains why there were separate clubs. The Cambridge University Boat Club was founded in 1828. It issued a challenge in early 1829 to Oxford University to row a boat race and the first Boat Race was duly held that year. The first women’s Boat Race was almost 100 years later, after which CUWBC was formed. A new club, CULRC, was founded in 1974 to provide a lightweight men’s crew to race Oxford. When a lightweight women’s event was established in 1984, the new squad of lightweight women joined CUWBC. 

As one club, all resources are shared equally. Our ambition and our focus is unchanged: to beat Oxford on the Tideway. All the crews race over the same Championship Course, following the move of the openweight women in 2015 and the lightweight men and women in 2019.

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Cambridge University Boat Club and The CUBC Foundation are companies limited by guarantee and each has charitable status.

The operation and running of the CUBC is overseen by the RMB, the Rowing Management Board, which comprises the board of directors of the CUBC established in accordance with the CUBC’s articles of association, available here. The articles provide for the annual election of three members of the student leadership team to become members of the RMB (and directors of the company, CUBC). The same student leaders are also directors of The CUBC Foundation and members of the board of The CUBC Foundation, known as the Council.

In addition to the three student members, each of the RMB and the Council have a Vice-Chancellor’s Nominee as a (non-voting) member. The first Vice-Chancellor’s Nominee is Roger Mosey, the Master of Selwyn College and former Head of BBC News and Director of BBC Sport.

The two boards are the CUBC Foundation and the Rowing Management Board.

Mission and Values

The University of Cambridge’s mission
To contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international standards of excellence.

Cambridge University Boat Club’s mission

To equip student-athletes to win boat races, prioritising excellence, wellbeing and inclusivity.





Values in Action

Excelling on the water by winning and off the water by the highest academic achievement, both underpinned by collaboration, resilience, teamwork, perseverance and discipline.

Delivering competitive and learning experiences of life-long benefit.

Giving the broadest range of people the opportunity to benefit from the formative experience of rowing for Cambridge.

Developing a culture that provides equal access to facilities, equipment and coaching for the benefit of current and future student-athletes.

Respecting each other, the traditions of the legacy clubs, the Boat Races and those we race.

Protecting and supporting the mental health and physical wellbeing of student-athletes.