Ely Boathouse Development

CULRC is about to enter an exciting new phase. We are fortunate to have access to an excellent stretch of river at Ely and this has been instrumental to us winning four of the last six races against the old foe.  However, we have no formal boathouse and rely on borrowing a rack from CUBC or boating from a local boatyard. We are about to change this.  In the last few weeks, groundwork has started on an exciting new development to create a combined Cambridge University boathouse in Ely, with space for CUBC, CUWBC and CULRC. The facility, when completed will be world-class and give us a permanent and appropriate platform for developing our athletes.

However, there is a hurdle that we need to overcome.  To ensure that the boathouse development continues as planned, CULRC has to contribute to the overall project cost. Our target is just £500,000 of the total £4.3million cost.

Some have already given very generously – and for that we are enormously grateful.  We think we are well on the way to the first £200,000.  The average donation has been several thousand pounds but every pound we can raise from here will be valuable.  This effort will be a little like rowing in an eight – you can only be as good as your weakest link. Moreover, even the strongest person needs to know that everyone else is pulling as hard as they can. We all now need to pull together to ensure the success of this project.

In short, we need everyone to donate what they can to help.  If every crew member donated £20 per month for 5 years, we would reach our target easily.

Please spare a minute to read through the attached brochure with all the details, and be as generous as you can!


Brochure: CULRC Ely Boathouse