Race Report: CUBC Women vs. Leander “A”

On a rising tide affected by significant land water, CUBC Women took on Leander “A” in a pair of pieces on the Tideway today. Due to illness to 6-seat Sarah Portsmouth, Chief Coach Patrick Ryan re-seated the boat, with Caoimhe Dempsey moving up from 2, and 2021 Blondie Jo Matthews moving in to fill the 2 seat.

Leander made a strong start in the first piece, pulling out to a 3/4 length lead along the moored boats before Cambridge moved back to level before the mile post. Cambridge quickly pulled to a clear water lead along the Crabtree reach, They extended this through Hammersmith Bridge and around the Surrey Bend, coming out victorious by 3 lengths by Chiswick Steps.

The crews kept their stations for the final piece from Chiswick Steps to the finish. A quicker start from Cambridge established a lead, but was not enough to break contact and take their own water around the Barnes Bridge. A strong line by Leander cox Morgan Baynham-Williams pushed Cambridge out of the fast water and they moved up on Cambridge, but Cambridge was equal to the task, even with the long outside bend, winning by 1/3 of a length.