Henley Finals Day with 4 wins for our alumni

CUBC hopes were carried today by our alumni on finals day, and they brought four wins in a great day of racing at Henley.

Goldie’s Tom Strudwick raced Thames A in the final of the Thames Challenge Cup, facing K.A.R.Z. De Hoop of Holland. Thames led from the start in a strong race where the result was never in doubt, extending to a 3 and 3/4 length lead at the line to the immense happiness of the Club’s Chair.

After victories in the European Championships and World Cup 2, 2020 Men’s President Freddie Davidson raced Thames Rowing Club in the Stewards. His 4 took a length of clear water by the quarter mile and total control over the race by the Mile, and proceeded through the enclosures to the applause of the members with a comfortable margin of victory.

The final of the Goblets was a race to remember for Tom George and Ollie Wynne-Griffith, where they faced the Canadian national team pair of Walker and Cullen. A strong start took the alumni pair, racing with CUBC zephyrs under their Leander kit, to a length and a half lead by the quarter mile. Although struggling with their steering, the Canadians were not daunted and kept up their attack on George and Wynne-Griffith. Remaining in control, the Peterhouse pair maintained a two length lead through the middle of the race, continuing to move away and putting on a show for the spectators as they pushed through the enclosures before winding down to record a length and a half win and Ollie’s first Henley medal.

The Wargrave Challenge Cup saw a great race for CUBC Blue Sarah Portsmouth as her Thames crew took on Leander. They took a lead at the base of the Island, and moved to a 1/3 length lead by the Quarter Mile, easing to nearly a length lead at the Barrier. Past Remenham, the Roar frove them on to a 2 length lead, which they held to the finish.

CUBC’s final race of the day was in the Remenham as Henry Fieldman coxed the GB W8+ against Maple Bay Rowing Club, the Canadian national team. After taking a 0.09 second win over the Canadians in World Rowing Cup 2 at Varese, the GB crew was keen to increase that margin, but the Canadians were equally keen that this did not happen. The Canadians took a lead down the Island, pushing to a half length by the quarter mile, then a length by the Barrier. GB held margin through the middle, but the Canadian crew pushed again to make clear water by Fawley and a length of clear water by the mile and 1/8. GB’s sprint closed margin, but the Canadians ran out victors by 1 1/4 lengths.

CUBC congratulates its students and alumni for their efforts this week, and welcomes our incoming 2024 triallists, including Tideway Scullers’ Alice Metcalfe who took the win in the Diamond Jubilee Junior 4x.