CUBC’s Henley Crews and Results

CUBC’s Imogen Grant, rowing with ULBC’s Emily Craig, took victory in the Stonor Challenge Cup by 2.5 lengths over Leander’s Leyden and Brayshaw. Callum Sullivan and Ollie Parish placed second to the Oxford Brookes pair of Tarrant and Bolding who represented GB at the Tokyo Olympics as the spare pair. 2021 Blue Sarah Tisdall took second place to Leander in the Remenham Challenge Cup.


12.00: The Stonor Challenge Cup (vs. Leyden and Brayshaw): won by 2.5 lengths

16.00: The Remenham Challenge Cup (vs. Leander) lost by 1.5 lengths

16.10: The Silver Goblets and Nickalls Challenge Cup (vs. Tarrant and Bolding) lost by 5 lengths.


  • 09.50: The Diamond Challenge (vs. S.J. Devereux) Alizadeh lost to Devereux by a comfortable margin.
  • 14.00: The Stonor Challenge Cup (vs. C.E. Nyland and S. Ferris) Grant and Craig defeated Nyland and Ferris by 4 lengths.
  • 18.20: The Island Challenge Cup (vs. Oxford Brookes University “A”) CUBC lost to Oxford Brookes University by 2.5 lengths
  • 18.30: The Silver Goblets and Nickalls Challenge Cup (vs. Peters and Willis) Sullivan and Parish defeated Peters and Willis by 2 lengths
  • 19.10: The Remenham Challenge Cup: (vs. Leander) Molesey/CUBC lost to Leander by 0.5 lengths.


  • The Diamond Challenge (vs. S. Martini, ITA): 10.50am Alizadeh defeated Martini by 1.5 lengths.
  • The Island Challenge Cup (vs. Durham University): 3.15pm CUBC defeated Durham by 3 lengths
  • ince Albert Challenge Cup (vs. University of London): 10.15am CUBC lost to University of London by 3 lengths.
  • The Silver Goblets and Nickalls Challenge Cup (vs. Mitchell-Dwelly and Chapman): 4.00pm Sullivan and Parish defeated Mitchell-Dwelly and Chapman by a comfortable margin.
  • The Stonor Challenge Trophy (vs. Greves and Eddie): 6.50pm Grant (Trinity) and Craig defeated Greves and Eddie by 4 lengths.

Thursday (CUBC racing concluded at 10.28)

10.20: Dara Alizadeh (Hughes Hall) vs. Matthew Brigham (University of Leeds). Alizadeh defeated Brigham by 3.5 lengths.

Wednesday (CUBC racing concluded at 10.13)

10.05: CUBC vs. Isis (Prince Albert Challenge Cup). CUBC defeated Isis by 2.5 lengths.

Crews: (from bow to stern, coxswain listed last)

Island Challenge Cup:

  • Catherine King (Gonville and Caius)
  • Gemma King (St. John’s)
  • Kasia Pilch (Newnham)
  • Abba Parker (Emmanuel)
  • Adriana Perez Rotondo (Newnham)
  • Caiomhe Dempsey (Newnham)
  • Rebecca Dell (Christ’s)
  • Bronya Sykes (Gonville and Caius)
  • Dylan Whitaker (King’s)

Diamond Challenge Sculls:

Dara Alizadeh (Hughes Hall)

Silver Goblets and Nickalls’ Challenge Cup:

  • Callum Sullivan (Peterhouse)
  • Oli Parish (Peterhouse)

The Prince Albert Challenge Cup

  • Rob Harris  (Pembroke)
  • Luca Ferraro (King’s)
  • Reef Boericke (Gonville and Caius)
  • Matthew Edge (St. Catharine’s)
  • Ollie Boyne (Downing)

The Stonor Challenge Cup

  • Emily Grant (University of London B.C)
  • Imogen Grant (Trinity)

The Remenham Challenge Cup (CUBC and Molesey)

Charlie Marcus (Trinity) will cox