CUBC takes on Oxford Brookes and London Rowing Club

CUBC raced crews from one of the UK’s leading universities, Oxford Brookes, and one of its leading clubs, London Rowing Club, on Sunday 11th February on the Tideway.

The Club’s Lightweight Women led off against Brookes “C” at 1230

BowMaddy JacksonSt. Edmund’s
2Claire CooperSidney Sussex
3Charlotte MaceyJesus
4Georgia GolloglyKing’s
5Charley CraigGonville and Caius
6Margaux RileyGonville and Caius
7Lauren BrittenMagdalene
StrokeArden BerlingerPembroke
CoxKate CrowleySidney Sussex

Facing two half-course pieces against a strong Brookes programme, the CUBC lightweights put up a more than creditable fight.

Cambridge had a solid start in the first piece, settling into a good pace. Brookes managed to walk away though to a win of 5L. For the second piece, Cambridge started with a 3L advantage and took the opportunity to hold Brookes until Hammersmith, where Brookes began to take an advantage which totalled 2L.

CUBC’s Lightweight women duel with Brookes C along the Putney Embankment

They were followed by CUBC Women’s “B”, who raced Brookes “B” in two strong pieces.

Brookes had a fierce start to the first piece, taking a lead in the first few strokes. Cambridge gained some seats back but were unable to maintain this momentum and Brookes pulled away to 2 1/2L. Cambridge utilised the piece to find some strong rhythm for the second piece.

The second piece saw some heavy wash but Cambridge had a good rhythm and fought through off the start and through Hammersmith, but Brookes pulled away to a 5L lead.

BowFreya SutcliffeJesus
2Fizz McNallySidney Sussex
3Rowan SaltmarshSt. John’s
4Lihani du PlessisNewnham
5Lucy HavardGonville and Caius
6Helen Nielsen ScottEmmanuel
7Molly FoxellPembroke
StrokeBelle StephensHomerton
CoxJames TrotmanSidney Sussex
CUBC Women’s B crew under Hammersmith Bridge: credit @allmarkone

The two Universities’ “A” boats met with a strong CUBC lineup taking on a highly fancied Brookes crew, with Gemma King and Carys Earl having an excellent race the day before in Boston at the GB Long Distance trials. In their first piece, Brookes drew Middlesex and the crews duelled the whole way through the piece with CUBC rolling back after Brookes had established clear water to a close 0.5 length margin.

The second piece was harder for CUBC, with Brookes having the inside line from the end of the eyot to the finish line, making advantage of the inside of the Barnes Bend and taking a 2 length win over CUBC.

BowGemma KingSt. John’s
2Jo MatthewsSt. John’s
3Carina GrafEmmanuel
4Carys EarlGonville and Caius
5Katy HempsonChrist’s
6Jenna ArmstrongJesus
7 Clare Hole St. Catharine’s
StrokeMegan LeeLucy Cavendish
CoxHannah MurphyGirton

A fast start from CUBC A past Thames RC

The afternoon was capped with CUBC’s Lightweight Men racing a resurgent London Rowing Club. A solid start for Cambridge in piece 1 held the race tight along the line of boats before London RC capitalised on their Middlesex advantage, pushing out to a canvas of overlap past the Mile Post. Cambridge fought to maintain overlap towards Harrods before pushing hard through Hammersmith to narrow the margin to 1/2 length by St Paul’s.

Cambridge made a strong start to the second piece and pushed out to a canvas of clear water past Harrods and under Hammersmith. London RC fought well to keep close past St Paul’s and narrowed the margin to 1 length, but Cambridge maintained their margin towards the end of the Eyot.

BowGianluca VartanHomerton
2Emile CzernuszkaHomerton
3Jack MorleyCorpus Christi
4Freddie MarkandayMagdalene
5Ben JonesMagdalene
6Sam TaylorClare
7Tom HeppelSt. Catharine’s
StrokeLewis GraySt. Catharine’s
CoxBen HardingQueens’
CUBC Lightweight Men pass under Hammersmith Bridge: credit @allmarkone