Boat Races Trophy Display opens at Fitzwilliam Museum Tuesday 9th November

The Boat Race trophies have traditionally been held at the Races’ Sponsors, unveiled only for events such as the Presidents’ Challenge, Crew Namings, and the Boat Races themselves. In a shared decision, the Boat Race Company Limited (BRCL) and the Clubs resolved to make the trophies more visible and relevant. The Universities have supported this program, and the winning University will display the trophies in their Museum. As the holder of the Openweight Trophies, The Fitzwilliam Museum is the venue for an exhibition that will open on Tuesday 9th November, highlighting the trophies, their stories, and what they mean to our athletes.Boat Race Trophies

The Club extends its particular thanks to the Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Luke Syson, and the Keeper of Applied Arts, Dr. Victoria Avery, whose research into the trophies revealed significant information about the trophies, and their design and construction.

Dr. Avery’s work has produced a compendium of interviews and images with athletes, designers, and silversmiths, which is visible here.