Henley Royal Regatta 2009

The 2009 VIIIs summer season ended with a great race to the line on Wednesday in The Temple Challenge Cup at Henley, against a very quick crew from Queens University Belfast.

HRR 2009

Queen’s Belfast equalled the record to the barrier for the Temple and were 1s outside of the record to Fawley. The CULRC crew rowed a very mature race, and refused to fold under pressure, covering the ground at their own maximum speed. As a result, Queens were never able to settle and began to tie up all along the enclosures as they paid for their early efforts. With Queens rating 37, and CURLC in the high 30s/low 40s the margin came down rapidly but the crew couldn’t close the gap in time. Final margin 2/3 L and final time 6.24, an exceptionally quick time.

There is no better stage than Henley on which to demonstrate what this club stands for to a wider rowing world. The 2009 crew has done the club proud, attracting the recognition and respect that all the hard work of crew and coaches deserves. Congratulations to all involved – rowing, coaching or supporting. It is a race we won’t forget.

-Tom Killick