First Coaching Report 2010

Here is a brief report, 5 weeks into training, and things have been progressing fast, and the squad has been growing thanks to athletes recruited at the Freshers Fair.

The water training has been focussed on organised, effective sessions and with the busy academic schedule, it is essential to ensure that every minute of the session is used for a purpose.

So far the squad has completed one full 5-week training cycle, and there have been a number of significant physiological gains among the athletes who began the programme. Moving into the second cycle will involve higher training loads and more intensity.

We have been fortunate to secure assistance from a strength and conditioning coach from British Rowing to help with the delivery of weight training during this period as well.

In terms of racing, we are looking to race for the first time in the Winter Head Race in Cambridge on 20th November, followed by the Fairbairn Cup in Cambridge on 3rd December and the Trial Eights race in Henley on 19 December.