Fairbairn Cup 2009

CULRC had their best ever row in the Fairbairn Cup. They covered the course in a very quick 13.29 and were 15 secs off the two matched CUBC Trial Eights which finished within 1 second of each other.

The Fairbairn Cup is one of the largest races that the CULRC races in during the Michaelmas Term occurring just after the end of full term. It presents an excellent opportunity to produce a strong performance in front of home crowds on the Cam and there is always much appreciated support from the banks.

The 1st VIII attacked the start hard, going off at 44 strokes a minute before settling out to our race rhythm at around 36/37. Our aim was to attack the first half of the race, learning from our mistake in the Winter Head. The crew achieved this well and continued to race strongly to the finish holding onto the technical changes that have been implemented over the term.

Fairbairns 1st8 2009

The 1st VIII just after Chesterton foot bridge

The 2nd VIII settled into a steady rhythm at 35 strokes a minute, also putting the emphasis on attacking the first half of the race with a strong gutsy tempo. They continued the excellent improvements that they had shown in training, drawing off their tenacious crew dynamic, to give a cohesive performance despite a last minute crew change. This enabled them to completely ‘empty the tanks’ down the last part of the course finishing in a very respectable time of 14:03.

Fairbairn 2nd8 2009

The 2nd VIII just after Chesterton foot bridge

This year continues the trend of recent years of stretching further ahead of the colleges. The 2nd VIII finished just 1 second behind the fastest college crew (Queens’), indicating the great strength and depth in the squad this year too. Full results can be found here.

The squad will now split into matched crews in preparation for the Trial Eights race at Henley on Weds 16th Dec.