Varsity 100

It was no surprise to the current squad when our President, Lorna Collins, was featured in the ‘Varsity 100’ last week. The list, compiled by an independent panel, gives the profiles of the 100 students deemed to define Cambridge University life in 2006 through their academic or extra-curricular activities. All who know her personally are undoubtedly already aware of her commitment and determination to lead CUWBC to victory on the 1st April.

From Varsity:

‘Lorna proved she was the “tough guy” in the 2005 competition of the same name, but looking at the sports she competes in, its clear she deserves her reputation. A county standard swimmer and previous winner of the Wessex cross country championships, she also dabbles in hockey, netball and sailing, and none of these are the sport of her choice. She is president of the Women’s Boat Club, and finished 4th in the National Rowing Championships in 2005. Lorna was inspired by Cath Bishop, the Athens silver medallist, but sees herself in a lab coat and not a row boat in her future career.’