Trial VIIIs 2017: Expecto Patronum Vs Wingardium Leviosa

Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club has today announced its crews for the Trial VIIIs race which will take place over the Championship Course at 12:45 tomorrow, Tuesday 5 December.

The crews have been named “Wingardium Leviosa” and “Expecto Patronum”, 2 of Harry Potter’s famous charms, and names which are bound to provide an additional challenge for the Race Umpire, Sir Matthew Pinsent.

Alice White (Homerton) and Imogen Grant (Trinity) both stroked the CUWBC Trial VIIIs crews last year and will take the stroke seat once again in this annual challenge which the Coaching Team use as part of the ongoing selection process ahead of the Cancer Research UK Boat Race next March. Others returning from last year’s Trial VIIIs crews include Lucy Pike (Trinity Hall), Myriam Goudet-Boukhatmi (Lucy Cavendish), Emma Andrews (Pembroke) and Tricia Smith (Christ’s), all of whom won their Boat Races in 2017.

The returners are joined by rowers who have learned through their Cambridge College Boat Clubs, and other rowers and coxes who picked up the sport at a previous university and have come to Cambridge to further their studies and their rowing.

The crews selected are as below, listed from stroke:

Live updates will be available on Twitter via @theboatraces, and a full round-up will be posted on our website after the race.