2016 Boat Race Umpires

For every rowing head race or regatta there are always a team of Umpires who ensure the racing is fair and safe.  The team of behind the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Races is made up of men and women from both University Boat Clubs.

As the Boat Races Website states: ‘The rules of the Races are essentially very simple, the crews must keep to their stations (Middlesex or Surrey) unless they have a lead of “clear water” when if they wish they can use the opposite station. The other rule of note is that both crews must row through the centre arches of Hammersmith and Barnes Bridges.’

Sarah Winckless BB ’95, ’96, ’97 has been on the Umpires panel for 4 years now and after acting as Assistant Umpire last year will be the lead Umpire for the Isis v Goldie Race this year This will be the first time a woman from either club has Umpired for a men’s race.

Rob Clegg will umpire The Cancer Research UK Women’s Boat Race, Judith Packer will umpire Osiris Blondie Race

Click here for further information about the Cancer Research UK Boat Races Umpires

Click here for further information if you are interested in becoming an umpire yourself – they are always needed!