Lightweights Trial Race: Which came first?

On 14th December, the CUWBC lightweights raced their trial fours in Henley. The crews were assembled as a result of pairs racing on Saturday and as such had only one morning session to establish crew identities, discuss how the technical aspects worked on in the pairs could be used by the whole crew, and hatch a race plan. After a strong first row, Chicken and Egg were ready to settle the big question.

Chicken had a good start resulting in a fleeting early lead, but egged on by cox Priya Crosby, Emma Clifton’s four soon ruffled a few feathers by pulling out to half a length. With over half the race down, Egg’s shell had nearly broken contact with only a few feet of overlap.

Not chickening out, Ruth Wood called for pushes to reclaim the distance between the crews. As both fours scrambled for the finish, Egg refused to crack under the increasing pressure of the other boat. However, the challenge was a worthwhile reminder not to count their chickens before they hatch, as the power of Chicken’s push meant the winning margin had boiled down to a mere 1/3 length.

Eggshausted, but cock-a-hoop with the quality of the racing, the lightweights reunited in Leander Club for tea and scones with alumni and supporters.

Crews (bow to cox)
Egg: Cath Aitchson, Tasha Branch, Ella Barnard*, Emma Clifton*, Cox Priya Crosby*
Chicken: Christina Ostacchini*, Sarah Lucas, Tricia Smith, Kirsten Van Fossen, Cox Ruth Wood
Dinosaur (spare pair): Helen Fishwick, Emily Smith
Spares (ill/injured): Millie Perrin, Emma Walker