Henley Boat Races 2016

Strong winds generated testing conditions for the lightweights racing at the Henley Boat Races yesterday.

The first crew to race for CUWBC was the spare pair of Samantha Cook and Chloe Edwards who battled through the rough water to take a win of 3/4 length over the Oxford counterparts.

The CUWBC Lightweight 8 was the next up which proved to be the closest and most exciting race of the day. The light blue crew got off to a strong start but despite a strong and determined race, Oxford got the better of them at the line and took the honors by just ‘a canvas’.

Many congratulations to CULRC who beat Oxford with an ‘easily’ verdict!

The focus now moves to the Cancer Research UK Boat Races which will take place on Sunday 27 March.


Photos by Christopher Down, Light Blue Images