CUWBC at Eton World Championships

Ex-CUWBC girls Annie Vernon (BB ’03) and Sarah Winckless (BB ’95,96 and President ’96) both competed in the 2006 World Championships which were held at Dorney lake.

Sarah Winckless competed in the women’s quadruple sculls with team mates Debbie Flood, Frances Houghton and Katherine Grainger. They had a hard fought race with the Russian quad, but were edged into second place by 0.51 seconds. In a twist to the story, the Russians were subsequently stripped of their gold medals, one of the crew having tested positive for an illegal substance, and so the quad were crowned World Champions.

Annie Vernon competed with her partner Anna Bebington in the women’s double sculls event. The event was won by the Australians, with Germany taking silver. Former World Champions the Evers-Swindell twins from New Zealand were hunted down into bronze medal position, with a strong performance from the British double giving them fourth place.

Guen Bradbury