CULRC Coaching Launch Named “Spirit of Burma”

On Sunday 23 September, as part of the Cambridge University Rowing “Behind the Scenes” Open House at Ely Boathouse, the CULRC Coaching Launch was named “Spirit of Burma”.

The launch was named by Tony Narula, who was in the 1976 CULRC crew and is a member of the CULRC Executive Committee. Speaking about the choice of name, Tony said:

“I  have a lifelong friendship with Bob Greatorex who was president that year (1976).  I am originally a refugee from Burma following the communist coup around 60 years ago and when my mother died in 2017 I decided to use a provision in the Inheritance tax regulations to make a donation of 10% of her estate to Charities.  I donated £50,000 to CUL and they used some of this to buy the Coaches’ launch.  After discussion with Bob and taking into account my parents lived in Burma, CUL agreed to name the launch in their memory.”

CUWBC recognised Felicity Rutland with Honorary CUWBC Membership having supported CUWBC by hosting crews ahead of the Boat Races, in her home at Henley for nearly 40 years,