Boat Race 2018

CUBC Boat Race Triumph

CUBC congratulates its athletes and coaches on a clean sweep of the Blue Boat and Goldie Races against OUBC on Saturday March 24th. The strong win and confident racing by both crews are a fitting reflection of their commitment throughout the season, and to the coaching of Steve Trapmore, Richard Chambers, and Donald Legget. Both crews moved away from their Dark Blue opposition early in the race, and were able to dictate terms throughout the race. This completed a day of success for Cambridge University Rowing, as the CUWBC’s Blue Boat  and Blondie crews also dominated their opponents.

A full report will follow in this week’s newsletter, but until then, CUBC would like to recognise its crews and coaches:

Blue Boat: c) Hugo Ramambason (Trinity) B str) Freddie Davidson (Emmanuel) B 7) Rob Hurn (St. Edmund’s) 6) Finn Meeks (Hughes) 5) Spencer Furey (Jesus) 4) Dara Alizadeh (Hughes) 3)  James Letten (Hughes), B 2) Patrick Elwood (Magdalene) G bow) Charles Fisher (St. John’s) B, coached by Steve Trapmore, MBE, and Donald Legget

Goldie: c) Harry Ellison-Wright (Clare) str) Piers Kasas (Trinity) G  7) Callum Sullivan (Downing) 6) Gerard Kuenning (Queens’) 5) Tom Strudwick (Christ’s) G  4) Peter Rees (Clare), G 3) Dave Bell (Homerton) 2) Reggie Mitchell (Trinity) bow) Rob Harris (Pembroke), coached by Richard Chambers and Donald Legget