CUBC’s Boat Races Dinner celebrates the Club’s successes

After a clean sweep on the water against Oxford, where Cambridge took victory in every race from reserves and Veterans’ races to the Club’s Blue Boats, more than 380 members and supporters joined to celebrate the Club and welcome its newest members.

The surrounds of the De Vere Connaught Rooms resounded to the cheers of the supporters as the Club’s 2023 crews were introduced from the balcony, and MC Mark Davies led the celebrations.

The Club’s oldest member, Lady Claudia Chilver, delivered Grace, and the Clubs’ 1993 Presidents James Behrens and Pip Graham spoke to their experiences as part of Cambridge’s first Clean Sweep, which was repeated 30 years on. Their 2023 counterparts Ollie Boyne and Caoimhe Dempsey offered the responses on behalf of the 2023 crews, which celebrated the spirit and shared ethos of the CUBC which has generated the shared success of 2023.

Reunions of crews from throughout CUBC’s post-war crews, along with families of our 2023 crews, celebrated long into the night. The Club would like to thank the members who travelled from all over the world to come together on this most special of days, and the final words are best expressed by 1973 Blue Steve Tourek, who said,

“The clean sweep made the Dinner very special. Celebrating it in the company of my fellow 1973 Blues on the occasion of our 50 th Reunion made it both remarkable and heartwarming. Reconnecting with coaches and oarsmen with whom I’d rowed at Cambridge and meeting members of this year’s crews made the evening extraordinary. Sharing it all with my daughter made it truly magical. It was a memory of a lifetime.”

We look forward to a new series of reunions on March 30, 2024, and look forward to the 2024 Boat Races season.