Gifts of shares

If you are interested in giving a non-cash asset, consider giving a gift of shares. Did you know that gifts of shares can also offer tax advantages, not just cash gifts?

These gifts can reduce the capital gains you’ll pay without changing your portfolio. Many of our donors choose to take advantage of this especially smart way to give.

We gratefully accept gifts of publicly traded securities, including shares, bonds, and mutual funds.

Tax relief is available to UK taxpayers donating shares and securities listed on the UK stock market, the Alternative Investment Market and recognised stock exchanges overseas. It is also available for units in a UK unit trust and shares in a UK open-ended investment company. You can claim income tax relief equal to the market value of the shares on the day the gift is made, plus any associated costs such as the brokers’ fees.

To find out more please email Sarah-Kate Roberts, Head of Regular Giving at [email protected]

Gifts of property and gifts-in-kind

Gifts of land or property made during a donor’s lifetime attract the same tax incentives as gifts of shares, and other forms of a non-cash gift (such as works of art, books, manuscripts and equipment) may also be considered as gifts to CUBC.

To find out more, please email us (Sarah-Kate Roberts, Head of Regular Giving at [email protected]) early in the process so that we can work with your financial advisers to help arrange the transaction. 

All non-cash gifts are subject to the Club’s gift acceptance policy.

For U.S. donors: 

Gifts of stock

Gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds, and mutual fund shares owned for more than one year can be transferred to Cambridge in America and may provide significant benefits to you as a donor. It allows for you to claim a charitable income tax deduction for the fair market value of the securities as of the date of the gift and eliminate capital gains.

Donating appreciated assets avoids federal capital gains taxes and provides a federal income tax deduction for the current market value of the gift. Similar state tax benefits are also provided in most of the country.

Donor-Advised Funds

Along with creating an immediate and lasting impact on the Club, donor-advised funds can simplify your annual and lifetime charitable giving.

When you set up a Donor-Advised Fund at places like Vanguard, Fidelity, or your local community foundation, you front-load your tax savings by taking an immediate deduction in the year in which you feed that fund with cash, stock, or other assets. Then you recommend grants from the Donor-Advised Fund to support organizations you believe in. 

If you have a Donor-Advised Fund, you’ve already taken the deduction, so you can just enjoy supporting the causes, like CUBC, that matter to you.

IRA Charitable Rollover (QCDs)

Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs), also known as IRA Charitable Rollovers, are the savviest way for individuals age 70.5 or older to use their IRAs to maximize their charitable impact. 

How it works:

  • Donors age 70½ and older may transfer up to $100,000 directly from IRAs to charities.
  • The transfer generates neither taxable income nor a federal tax deduction, so donors who do not itemize their tax deductions can benefit.
  • The IRA charitable rollover gift satisfies all or part of the required minimum distribution (RMD) requirement. [Note: The RMD requirement starts the year you reach 72 (70 ½ if you reach 70 ½ before January 1, 2020), if later, the year you retire.]

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