Vale: Vice Admiral Sir Robert Walmsley (B, 1962)

The Club is saddened to report to its members the recent death of Vice Admiral Sir Robert Walmsley, cox of the winning 1962 Blue Boat. His crewmate Andrew Collier (B 61, 62) has provided the following obituary:

Sir Robert Walmsley died suddenly on 4 August 2022 aged 81.

Cox of the winning 1962 Blue boat, Rob led from the stern, complementing President Roger Nicholson leading the way at bow.

Rob was fond of impressing fellow blues by claiming that being on the stakeboat at Putney was more terrifying than being in command of a nuclear submarine below the arctic ice, looking for a way up. In April this year Rob hosted a gathering of CUBC 1962 Blues at his Putney home, just back from the hard, for their 60th anniversary.

In the words of Boyce Budd, (#6): “After trying to explain why a great cox makes such a difference all one had to do was to introduce them to someone like the Admiral.”

The funeral for Vice-Admiral Sir Robert Walmsley, KCB was held at St John’s Hyde Park Crescent, London W2 2QD on Tuesday 13th September at 2 p.m.