Vale: Lindsay Henderson (B 66, 67)

Lindsay Henderson came up to Selwyn to read Veterinary Medicine in Michaelmas 1963 after completing his schooling at St. Edward’s Oxford. He chose not to row in his first two years due to injury but in Michaelmas 1965, along with Drummond Challis (B, 1967), he made up half of a strong Selwyn Light 4 that caught the notice of the CUBC. Lindsay received his Trial Cap in 1965, and rowed at 7 in the 1966 BR. This crew was forced to row in CUBC’s spare boat after the original sank in a freak squall just two days before the Race, breaking up on the Black Buoy.

He returned for the 1967 BR campaign as President, leading from bow what was described by DFL in The Observer as “possibly [CUBC’s] fastest ever crew”, but was beaten by OUBC. His career after Cambridge saw success in the veterinary sphere. Illness put an end to his large animal work in the late 1990s, but Lindsay’s career continued with work with the British Veterinary Association, setting standards for hygiene and practice that are still used today.

He is survived by his wife, Lyndsay Jane, and children Ross and Holly.