Race Report: CUBC Women’s Blue Boat and Blondie vs. Leander

In their final hitout for the season before the Gemini Boat Races on March 26th, the newly named CUBC Women’s Blue Boat and an embryo Blondie crew took on tough opposition from Leander.

CUBC Women’s Blue Boat

In the first of 3 pieces,from the Start to Harrods, an excellent race soon developed, as Leander took a slight lead along the boats, which CUBC responded to, taking a few seats back before the Fulham Bend. Around the bend, neither crew was able to take significant advantage, and the crews raced blade to blade to Harrods, with Leander taking out a win by just 1/3 length.

Regrouping, Leander took the inside of the Surrey Bend in the race from Harrods to the Steps, and capitalised on their faster start and took advantage of the bend to eke out a seat-by-seat win by a length in challenging conditions.

The final piece took the crews from the Steps to the Finish, Leander taking the outside of the Barnes Bend. Both crews come out strongly from the start, seeking clear water for the final bend, but neither crew was able to do this, and a great race around the Barnes Bend ensued, with Leander managing to hold off a fast-charging Blue Boat to win by 1/2 len.

CUBC Blondie

In the first outing for CUBC’s Blondie crew, they haved a strong Leander crew over 2 pieces. The first piece took the crews to just over half the course, to the base of Chiswick Eyot. Blondie started on Surrey, hoping to hold Leander through the outside of the Fulham Bend, and take advantage ofthe Surrey Bend. Unfortunately, this was not to be, as Leander took a fast start and was able to take clear water by Fulham FC, and move over into the fastest water going up Crabtree Reach and drew away to a clear victory. It was not all doom and gloom for the Light Blues, as at periods Blondie were able to hold and even at times move back on Leander, but the Cerise crew was too quick and took a 4 L win.

The crews swapped stations and Blondie was granted a 2L start, which led to a fantastic match past the bandstand and under Barnes Bridge where Blondie matched Leander until Leander was able to push past, and took a 2 length lead to the line.