Race Report – CUBC A vs Oxford Brookes

Race Report: CUBC Women ‘A’ vs. Oxford Brookes ‘A’’

After a dramatic Trial Eights race, the newly minted CUBC ‘A’ line-up returned to the
Tideway looking for a challenging race against Oxford Brookes. Brookes delivered off the
mark, taking a ¾ length lead by the Black Buoy as Cambridge settled into a smooth, leg-
driven rhythm.

Brookes’ venture toward the apex of the Middlesex bend stopped them
from opening clear water as Cambridge followed a faster course to the milepost. Eventually
breaking clear around Harrods, Brookes’ cox Sofia Bernal ignored repeated warnings from
umpire Matthew Holland to sit in front of Cambridge on the Surrey station. Moving to a 1 ¾
length lead, Cambridge blunted Brookes’ challenge underneath Hammersmith Bridge,
gaining ground around the Surrey bend to finish 1 ¼ lengths behind at the Eyot.

The second piece saw a much sharper start from Cambridge, holding Brookes to within ⅓ of
a length at the Milepost. Bouncy water took the edge from both crews’ rhythm, but Brookes
were able to position themselves line astern by Harrods, earning warnings from umpire and
coach alike. Despite a push to ‘bump’ from Cambridge, Brookes were able to extend their
lead through challenging conditions and finish 5 lengths up at Chiswick Steps.

We would like to thank Brookes for the race experience and wish them the best for the rest
of the season.