2023 Gemini Boat Race crew announcement

Meet CUBC’s Blue Boat crews for the 2023 Gemini Boat Race

In a sparkling occasion at the Apothecaries’ Hall in London, CUBC announced its crews for the 2023 Gemini Boat Race on Monday 6 March. Led by Presidents Caoimhe Dempsey, who will stroke the Women’s Blue Boat, and Ollie Boyne, who will cox Goldie against Isis, the crews will be:

Men’s Blue BoatWomen’s Blue Boat
Bow: Matt Edge (St. Catharine’s – PhD Chem Eng)
2: Brett Taylor (Queens’ – BA Medicine)
3: Noam Mouelle (Hughes Hall – PhD Astrophysics)
4: Seb Benzecry (Jesus – PhD Film Studies)
5: Tom Lynch (Hughes Hall – PhD Engineering)
6: Nick Mayhew (Peterhouse – MPhil Mgt)
7: Oliver Parish (Peterhouse – MEngineering)
Stroke: Luca Ferraro (King’s – BA Classics)
Cox: Jasper Parish (Clare – BA Comp Sci)
Bow: Carina Graf (Emmanuel – Phd Neuro Sci)
2: Rosa Millard (Trinity Hall – BA Linguistics)
3: Alex Riddell-Webster (Murray Edwards – BA Comp Sci)
4: Jenna Armstrong (Jesus – PhD Physiology)
5: Freya Keto (St. Edmund’s – MPhil African Studies)
6: Isabelle Bastian (Jesus – MPhil Health, Medicine, and Society)
7: Claire Brillon (Fitzwilliam – MPhil Musicology)
Stroke:: Caoimhe Dempsey (Newnham – PhD Psychology)
Cox: James Trotman (Sidney Sussex – BA Economics)

Caoimhe Dempsey says:

“This year’s crew is an exciting mix of new and returning CUBC women. Our five returning athletes bring experience from the women’s clean sweep at the 2022 Boat Race: one from each of the record-setting openweight and lightweight Blue Boats, and three from the dominant Blondie boat. This base is bolstered with fresh international experience: with athletes from Brown, Harvard, and University of British Columbia. Our cox James brings impressive tideway racing experience, developed at St Paul’s School. Together, our crew has experience representing their home nations at Junior, U23 and Senior World Rowing Championships. This is all harnessed by Paddy Ryan, drawing on a decade of experience coaching successful Boat Race crews to bring out the strengths and rhythm in this crew.

We are focused on going as fast as possible on Boat Race day. Our goal is to leave no stone unturned in the lead up to the race, use every opportunity to put out our best performance. On the day, the result will take care of itself. These girls have been an absolute pleasure to lead, they have a never ending energy and commitment to strive for more. I’m really proud of the journey we’ve been on and it’ll be an honour to line up on race day together. “

Seb Benzecry adds:

“This year’s crew is a really exciting boat to be a part of. We’re not the most experienced Blue Boat, and we’re on the small side, but everyone has come in with an incredibly positive mindset and an absolute determination to keep improving session after session. I think that’s allowed us to become much more than the sum of our parts. Everyone brings something different to the table but ultimately we are all completely on the same page when we get into the boat, and a big part of that is brilliant coaching by Rob Baker, who always finds the best technical focuses to allow us to keep stepping on. 

I think Oxford are in a similar position to us this year, with a less experienced squad than last year, but they definitely have some really good guys so I imagine they’ll be quick. I don’t like to fixate too much on potential outcomes. I just try to trust the process and focus on getting the most out of myself and the boat every day, and making as many improvements as possible. If we can do that then I’m sure we’ll be able to put together our best performance on the day.”