Lightweight Men’s Race Report

A hard fought and close race between CUBC’s Men’s Lightweight crew and OULRC was the finale to CUBC’s Varsity Matches. Both crews came off the line at Queen Adelaide in the mid 40s, OULRC taking a few seats’ lead in the first 500 metres as the crews settled down to a dogged head to head race.

OULRC’s cox kept umpire Clare Harvey busy, as did the appearance of a cruiser on the course. Both coxes managed to skirt the obstacle , and going through the past the Lark, CUBC pushed again to try to get back on terms with an Oxford crew which had pushed out to just over a length of lead. They came back to half a length until OULRC managed to push back and break to a clear water lead which they did not relinquish, crossing the line a length and a half up over the Cambridge Lightweights.

OULRC receive our congratulations on an excellent race, and we look forward to doing battle next year.

The squad now looks forward to racing at BUCS, Henley Women’s Regatta, and HRR.