Introducing our HRR Crews

In the Princess Royal Challenge Cup, our scullers Imogen Grant (Trinity) and Brigid Kennedy (Peterhouse). Racing will commence on Thursday 30th June, with Grant racing Sarah McKay, a former GB Junior representative, and Kennedy racing 2012 and 2020 US Olympian Kara Kohler.

Imogen Grant (L) and Brigid Kennedy (R)

In the Silver Goblets and Nickalls’ Challenge Cup, Tom George (Peterhouse) and Oliver Wynne-Griffith (Peterhouse). Their first race will be in the Semi-Finals on Saturday. Their opponents are to be confirmed, but may be M.H.W Parish, father of current Blues Oliver and Jasper Parish
(and a Blue and President himself) and R. Manners, formerly of the Other Place.

Tom George (L) and Oliver Wynne-Griffith (R)

In the Visitors’ Challenge Cup, Oliver Parish (Peterhouse), George Finlayson (Peterhouse), Seb Benzecry (Jesus) and Luca Ferraro (King’s). In their first race on Wednesday 29th June, they have been drawn against University College Dublin.

From top left, clockwise, Seb Benzecry, Oliver Parish, George Finlayson, and Luca Ferraro

In the Island Challenge Cup, Vera Kunz (Caius), Catherine King (Caius), Rhiannon Mulligan (Newnham), Jenna Armstrong (Jesus), Claire Hole (St. Catharine’s), Casey Shepheard (Jesus), Olivia Alliott (Jesus), Rosa Millard (Trinity Hall), coxed by Dylan Whitaker (King’s).

They have been drawn against Oxford Brookes University “B” and will first race on Wednesday 29th June.

From top left, Casey Shepheard, Olivia Alliott, Rhiannon Mulligan, Vera Kunz, Dylan Whitaker, Rosa Millard, Catherine King, Claire Hole, and Jenna Armstrong

In the Temple Challenge Cup, Harry Fieldhouse (St. John’s), Freddy Markanday (Queens’), Ben Wood (St. Catharine’s), Cameron Mackenzie (Caius) Ed Townsend (Downing), Orlando Morley (Girton), Cameron Spiers (Downing), Zuhri James (Fitzwilliam) coxed by Felix Craig-McFeely (Fitzwilliam). Their first race will be on Tuesday 28th June, against Washington University at 3.20 pm.

From top left, Zuhri James, Ben Wood, Harry Fieldhouse, Ed Townsend, Felix Craig Mc-Feely, Orlando Morley, Cameron Spiers, Cameron Mackenzie, and Freddy Markanday

Notable composite and alumni entries

Grace Prendergast will race with pair partner Kerri Gowler in the Hambleden Pairs Challenge Cup whilst Sarah Portsmouth will race in the Town Challenge Cup. Portsmouth’s first race will be against Sydney Rowing Club and ASR Nereus on Friday 1st July, whilst Grace’s first race will be on Saturday.

Grace Prendergast (L) and Sarah Portsmouth (R)