Fixture Report – CUBC Lightweight Men vs. London R.C.

Saturday saw the second in a series of fixtures between CUBC’s Lightweight Men and London R.C. After honours had been split in the previous fixture, both squads were keen to take the upper hand.

The first piece was marked by a number of clashes, as coxes and crews fought for dominance. Under the steady hand of Felix Craig-McFeely, CUBC had the best of the clashes. Maintaining their nerve as London crabbed, CUBC’s lightweights dominated by over 4 lengths.

In the second piece, CUBC took the outside of the Barnes Bend, opting to challenge themselves further. The advantage of the shorter course on the inside suited the London RC crew, who used it to take a length victory in the final piece.

We thank London Rowing Club once again for a series of tough and fair races, which are preparing our crews admirably for the ii Lightweight Boat Races on Sunday March 20th.

CUBC’s Lightweight men push through London Rowing Club under Hammersmith Bridge (image credit: Nick Acock)