CUBC’s Trial 8s crews and results

CUBC’s crews and coaches produced a series of races that showed each of the Club’s crews to their best, and provided the best possible problem for their coaches as they look forward to fixtures and their respective races. Scroll down to find out how they went.

Lightweight Women’s Trial 8s: Sunday Dec 11 @ 11:30

Shrek and Donkey famously egged each other on to competition in their series, and their namesakes lived up to their intent. Shrek’s lightweight crew took a slight lead along the boats, but their mixed opponents were up to the task, challenging along Corney Reach. Shrek’s combination told towards Hammersmith, opening up clear water and extending that along past St. Paul’s. Donkey fought to come back, but Shrek were able to impose their dominance on the race, taking a 35 second win. Assistant Coach Autumn Mantell said, “I’m very impressed by the development of both crews in the last fortnight. They have both picked up significant speed and made great technical strides”.

Lightweight Women’s “Shrek”

  • Cox: Shaun Wilson (Magdalene)
  • Stroke: Gemma Swan (Emmanuel)
  • 7: Lauren Britten (Magdalene)
  • 6: Livia Lisi Vega (Downing)
  • 5: Katy Hempson (Christ’s)
  • 4: Olivia Alliott (Jesus)
  • 3: Madeline Jackson (St. Edmund’s)
  • 2: Beth Merrifield (Newnham)
  • Bow: Annabel Cardno (Emmanuel)

Lightweight/Openweight Women’s “Donkey”

  • Cox: James Trotman (Sidney Sussex)
  • Stroke: Nicole Wojtania (Churchill)
  • 7: Beth Taylor (Newnham)
  • 6: Lucy Havard (Caius)
  • 5: Beanie Spain (Queens’)
  • 4: Emily Morbey (Selwyn)
  • 3: Florence Bradshaw (Newnham)
  • 2: Daphne Martin (Clare)
  • Bow: Maria Victoria Noci (Newnham)

Openweight Women’s Trial 8s: Monday December 12 @ 13:25 – YOUTUBE LINK

It was fitting that crews named for a pair of the world’s leading female athletes provided the closest finish in Trial 8s history. Racing on Middlesex, “Mead”, stroked by Canadian senior international Claire Brillon took a half length lead along the boats, leading into the Fulham bend. “Rapinoe”, stroked by Lightweight Blue Rosa Millard, held their own around the bend, and pushed along Corney Reach. Leading into Hammersmith, Mead moved to 3/4 length lead, but Rapinoe took advantage of the inside of the bend and three points of rate to move up and challenge for the lead. Pushing ahead past the Dove, Mead was warned for steering, and after a series of blade clashes, Mead suffered a boat stopping crab. Umpire Matt Smith took the decision to re-start the race at Chiswick Eyot, giving both crews the opportunity to finish out the race. The decision was validated, Mead taking a good start to move to the lead after the re-start, but were chased past Chiswick Steps by Rapinoe. Shooting Barnes Bridge half a length ahead, Mead took the inside, but Rapinoe were not to be denied, increasing the rate and pushing level as the crews passed Duke’s Meadows. Mead was equal to the challenge, and the race was decided by a margin so close that the crews were unable to tell who had won. Six inches to Rapinoe!

OW Women’s Filippi “Rapinoe”

  • Cox: Kate Crowley (Sidney Sussex)
  • Stroke: Rosa Millard (Trinity Hall)
  • 7: Carina Graf (Emmanuel)
  • 6: Isabelle Bastian (Jesus)
  • 5: Freya Keto (St. Edmund’s)
  • 4: Carys Earl (Caius)
  • 3: Iris Powell (Churchill)
  • 2: Molly Foxell (Pembroke)
  • Bow: Gemma King (St. John’s)

OW Women’s (Church) “Mead”

  • Cox: Sam Clark (Hughes Hall)
  • Stroke: Claire Brillon (Fitzwilliam)
  • 7: Caoimhe Dempsey (Newnham)
  • 6: Clare Hole (St. Catharines)
  • 5: Jenna Armstrong (Jesus)
  • 4: Alex Riddell-Webster (Murray Edwards)
  • 3: Hanna Prince (Newnham)
  • 2: Janeska de Jonge (King’s)
  • Bow: Vera Kunz (Caius)

Lightweight Men’s Trial 8s: Monday 12th December @ 13:40

Paddy Mayne and David Stirling established and led the SAS and both crews drew inspiration from their deeds. A close race along the boats promised an enthralling race, and the crews did not disappoint. Stirling was able to eke out a lead up to Hammersmith Bridge, and inch by inch pushed out to a length at Barnes, but had not been able to establish clear water. That changed in the last three minutes, as Stirling pushed out to a 2 length lead as the crews passed the finish post. Lightweight Coach Nick Acock was satisfied with the effort of both crews, noting that their efforts augured well for the the fixtures and races ahead.

Lightweight Men’s “Mayne”

  • Cox: Gregoire Denjean (Emmanuel)
  • Stroke: Ben Jones (Magdalene)
  • 7: Joe Holey (St. Catharine’s)
  • 6: Gianluca Vartan (Homerton)
  • 5: Harry Fieldhouse (LMBC)
  • 4: Nikita Zoglo (St. Catharine’s)
  • 3: Sam Taylor (Clare)
  • 2: Sam Clarke (Magdalene)
  • Bow: Hamish Elder (Pembroke)

Lightweight / Openweight Men’s “Stirling”

  • Cox: Tteja Senthilnathan (Girton)
  • Stroke: Lewis Grey (St. Catharine’s)
  • 7: Gianluca Maffi (Downing)
  • 6: Jack Saville (King’s)
  • 5: Matt Francis (Caius)
  • 4: Cameron Mackenzie (Caius)
  • 3: Tom Stell (Caius)
  • 2: Rian Howe (Downing)
  • Bow: Thomas Heppel (St. Catharine’s)

Openweight Men’s Trial 8s: Monday 12th December @ 14:40 – YOUTUBE LINK

The crews were a polarisation of “Youth” and “Experience” , noting their mix of graduates and undergraduates. President Ollie Boyne coxed “Experience” while WBR Blue Jasper Parish coxed “Youth”. Within a minute, both crews were keeping umpire Tony Reynolds busy, but around the Fulham bend “Youth” had taken a lead on their inside bend. Coming to Harrods, “Experience” showed, pushing back and challenging to maintain their inside station. Shooting Hammersmith Bridge, both crews were challenging for the lead, and it took until the Blue Doors for Youth to draw to a half length lead. Up to Chiswick Steps, Matt Edge drove “Experience” along, making sure that they did not lose contact leading into the outside of the last bend. “Experience” pushed and clawed on the outside of the bend, making sure that they did not lose contact and making ground on their “Youth”ful colleagues. The race was not however long enough for them to make up the margin as youthful exuberace took a third of a length win over experience.

Openweight Men’s “Experience”

  • Cox: Ollie Boyne (Downing)
  • Stroke: Matt Edge (St. Catharine’s)
  • 7: Nick Mayhew (Peterhouse)
  • 6: Tom Lynch (Hughes Hall)
  • 5: Seb Benzecry (Jesus)
  • 4: Cameron Spiers (Downing)
  • 3: Tom Marsh (LMBC)
  • 2: Orlando Morley (Girton)
  • Bow: George Hawskwell (Caius)

Openweight Men’s “Youth”

  • Cox: Jasper Parish (Clare)
  • Stroke: Luca Ferraro (King’s)
  • 7: Ollie Parish (Peterhouse)
  • 6: Brett Taylor (Queens’)
  • 5: Noam Mouelle (Hughes Hall)
  • 4: Reef Boericke (Girton)
  • 3: Dan Toy (Caius)
  • 2: Alex Gillespie (Selwyn)
  • Bow: Luke Beever (Emmanuel)