CUBC’s narrowly defeated by Oxford at the Gemini Men’s Boat Races

CUBC’s Men suffered their first Boat Race defeat since 2017, when both crews were defeated by OUBC. CUBC’s Blue Boat started promisingly, taking two seats off the start line in the first 30 seconds.

The heavier OUBC crew exerted its strength on the Race early,grinding back on Cambridge’s early advantage. A series of warnings marked the first corner as both crews fought for the best water, OUBC slowly gaining on the outside of the Fulham Bend.

The crews were well matched to the Mile Post, but through the long Surrey Bend OUBC was able to make the best of their inside line, pushing to two lengths’ lead by the Chiswick Steps. CUBC asked no quarter, and none was given, OUBC breaking the record from Chiswick Steps to Barnes by one second to hold off CUBC.

When the crews crossed the line, the margin had come out to 2 1/4 lengths, as an exhausted Cambridge crew slumped over its oars.