Lightweight Men’s Trial 8s results and crews – “Business Meeting” defeats “Christmas Party”

Edited: To add race results

Before the race, Lightweight Men’s President Matt Edge (St. Catharine’s) commented, “we’re ready for some great racing. Nick [Acock – Men’s LWT Coach] and Rob [Baker – Men’s Chief Coach] have selected two well-matched crews who’ll go at it for the full 4 and a quarter miles”.

Edge would have been every happy with the performance of his crew, which controlled the race from the Black Buoy onwards in perfectly flat conditions. With his BUCS Lightweight Pair championship pair partner Cameron Mackenzie (Caius) backing him up in the stern pair, “Business” defeated “Party” by 3 lengths. Watch the race as it happened HERE (credit: Jasper Parish)

“Business Meeting”“Christmas Party”
Cox: Joanna Henney (Peterhouse)Cox: Zac Mee (Trinity)
Str: Matt Edge (St. Catharine’s)Str: Zuhri James (Fitzwilliam)
Cameron Mackenzie (Caius)Ed Townsend (Downing)
Orlando Morley (Girton)Kozzy Voudouris (King’s)
Harry Fieldhouse (St. John’s)Freddie Markanday (Queens’)
Maciej Maruszczak (St. John’s)Dan Toy (Caius)
Gianluca Maffi (Downing)Sam Taylor (Clare)
Felix Craig-McFeely (Fitzwilliam)Tom Heppel (St. Catharine’s)
Hal Barrow (Corpus)Ben Wood (Emmanuel)