CUBC takes wins against Leander

CUBC’s men journeyed to Henley this weekend for two days of training and racing. After a heavy training day on Saturday where coach Rob Baker put the crew through three tough sessions, Sunday held racing against Leander Club.

After a morning session, CUBC took on Leander over two 2000m pieces from Leander to Temple Island. In the first piece, an aggressive start from CUBC saw them take clear water a few minutes into the piece. Led by Olympian Tom George, CUBC held the advantage through to the end of the piece.

Swapping stations for the second piece, CUBC started similarly, their power showing in the first few minutes. As the boats passed Remenham Farm, Leander made a move back to overlap, reaching a 3/4 length margin. The men of CUBC pushed back on those of Leander, finishing with just over a length margin.

CUBC Men’s Chief Coach Rob Baker expressed his thanks to Leander, noting “it’s great to come down to Henley for some tough pieces. We were able to use Saturday to clock up some good distance, and to follow on Sunday morning with solid racing was great.”

CUBC pushes out to a lead over Leander in the first piece. (Credit: James Lee)


  • Cox: Charlie Marcus (Trinity)
  • Stroke: Tom George (Peterhouse)
  • 7: James Bernard (St. Edmund’s)
  • 6: Simon Schurch (St. Edmund’s)
  • 5: Ollie Wynne-Griffith (Peterhouse)
  • 4: Oliver Parish (Peterhouse)
  • 3: George Finlayson (Peterhouse)
  • 2: Hugo Durward (Sidney Sussex)
  • Bow: Seb Benzecry (Jesus