CUBC/Sparks Rowing Camp at Ely – places still available (23-26 August)

Cambridge Camp – 15 – 18 years old Novice to Elite – Coxes & Rowers

A new opportunity to experience a rowing camp with a global rowing perspective at the home of Cambridge University Boat Club.  Sparks Consulting, a US based company, has a reputation for organising rowing & coxswain camps in the US and New Zealand.  Now for the first time, this values-based camp experience is coming to the UK.  

Sparks takes its values of growth: on and off the water, kaizen: the drive for continuous improvement, and one more stroke: pushing themselves and campers to create meaningful experiences. 

The four-day camp will be based at CUBC’s Ely Boathouse and offers junior rowers the opportunity to learn new skills to help the transition from junior to senior level rowing. This camp is for rowers and coxswains, from novice to top junior level.  Crews will row in eights, training on the same stretch of water where The Boat Race was held in April 2021.  This camp gives attendees an opportunity to become better athletes, students, and people as the Sparks Team of experienced American and British Coaches and Educators enable athletes to access transformative experiences on and off the water.  

The opportunity to experience what it is like to row at Cambridge and fully understand what the journey is like for US College rowers will give every attendee the opportunity to develop.  If you want to gain an insight into how you can move up from junior to senior level and make the most of every opportunity to come across, this is the camp for you!

As one former ‘Camper’ says,

‘Sparks is not just a rowing camp that teaches rowing. Sparks values how rowing can influence and change people’s lives. By committing to the sport, taking time out of your summer or winter break, you discover your drive from the sport and what you want to do with it.’

Sparks’ team of Coaches are drawn from a broad range of US Colleges along with UK coaches and the Camp Counsellors’ (teachers and support staff) are highly experienced educators, all with a passion for rowing and enabling student personal growth.  This Cambridge Camp will provide dedicated skills coaching, specialist talks and education in small group sessions, all with the aim of giving every rower a sense of how rowing with a broader purpose can impact positively on life in the very best way. 

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