CUBC seeks Women’s Head Coach

CUBC’s Women’s Head Coach, Rob Weber, will return to America at the conclusion of the 2021 Henley Royal Regatta, and CUBC is searching for a coach in high standing to take over CUBC’s successful women’s program.

The primary responsibility of the Chief Coach is to lead the Club to victory in the annual women’s races against Oxford: the University Boat Race, the Blondie/Osiris Race and the Lightweight Women’s Boat Race.
In addition, the Chief Coach takes full responsibility for:

●organising and managing all aspects of rowing and land training for the CUBC women’s squad;
●the preparation of the training programme;
●the joint management of CUBC’s Goldie and Ely Boathouses ;
●leadership and management of the women’s coaching team; and
●the preparation of crews and athletes for National Trials, Henley and other rowing events.

For a full description and contact details, please review the attached advertisement and note that applications must be received to CUBC by Friday, 13th August, 2021.