CUBC seeks alumni for Women’s Veterans’ Boat Race

A part of the traditional leadup to the Boat Races, the Veterans’ Boat Race will take place on Saturday 25th March, running from the Putney Stone to Furnivall Steps, and CUBC seeks interest from alumnae interested in representing once again.

As befits a Veterans’ Race, all participants must be aged over 30, with a goal to ensuring that the crew average age is over 40. The crew will train from Crabtree, and will aim for regular outings on the Sundays leading up to the VBR, and there is an option for a crew to race at Quintin, Hammersmith, or the Veterans’ Head to support preparation.

If you are interested in racing for CUBC, please get in contact with Pippa Whitaker (B, 2019) at [email protected].