CUBC races at Fours Head

On Saturday 13th November, CUBC sought to re-take the Championship Coxed and Coxless Fours titles at the Fuller’s Fours Head of the River. Racing against the best crews in the UK, CUBC’s top ranked boats finished second in their categories.

In the Championship 4+, the Ollie Wynne-Griffith-stroked entry was 2nd behind Oxford Brookes. Fellow Olympian Ruby Tew’s boat also placed second in the Women’s 4-, in the 4th fastest overall time of the day.

CUBC Men’s results

Men’s Champ 4-⁠:

  • 6th: O. Parish, Marsh, Benzecry, Hunter, 18:52.5
  • 14th⁠: Craig-McFeely, Barrow

Men’s Champ 4+⁠:

  • 2nd: Ferraro, George, Finlayson, Wynne-Griffith, Marcus (cox): 18:51.5
  • 3rd: Schurch, Bernard, Boericke, Durward, Boyne (cox) 19:24.0
  • 4th: Satterthwaite, Lynch, Evans, Spiers, Mee (cox) 19:46.6
  • 7th: Wood, Markanday, Edge, Parry (cox) [LWT] 19:59.2
  • 9th: Townsend, Hawkswell, Toy, Stevens, Parish (Cox)
  • 10th⁠: Taylor: 20:10 [LWT]

Men’s 4+ 14th overall, Men’s 4– 15th overall⁠

CUBC Women’s Results

Women’s Champ 4x:

5th⁠ Millard, Sutcliffe, King, Clements, [LWT] 20:48.7

Women’s Champ 4-⁠:

  • 2nd: Grant, Prendergast, Sykes, Tew: 19.59.1
  • 7th⁠: King, von Mueller, Matthews, Riddell-Webster 20:59.4

Women’s Champ 4+⁠:

  • 4th: Perez Rotondo, Armstrong, Badenhorst, Dempsey, Whitaker (cox) : 21:05.3
  • 6th: Lepinay, Shepheard, Barrclough, Cameron, Richardson (cox) [LWT] 21:30.8
  • 7th⁠ Graf, Hopkins, Hole, Kunz, Uddin (cox) 21:42.1

Women’s 4- 4th overall⁠