CUBC names 4 8s

In one of the Club’s first major gatherings as an integrated Club, CUBC honoured a number of significant contributors to the Club with the naming of 4 new Empachers on the Putney Embankment.

The Club named

“Roger” for Roger Stephens. Roger’s contribution to the Club and the debt that it owes to him was noted by Simon Harris, RMB Chair and a former crewmate of Stephens’. The champagne was turned over to Roger to formally name his boat.

Charlie Marcus looks on as Roger Stephens names “Roger”

“Mike” for Mike Tovell. Brian Potterill, who coached Mike at CULRC proposed the naming and recounted his memories of Mike. CUBC contemporary and UTRC crew-mate Kosten Metreweli named the boat, and added his remembrances of Mike along with his wishes that the naming of “Mike” would inspire Club members to continue support each other in times of trial.

Mike’s CULRC Coach Brian Potterill and CUBC crewmate Kosten Metreweli

“Kath” for Kath Langford. CUWBC lightweight contemporary Fiona Macanena proposed the naming, noting Kath’s contribution to lightweight rowing, and the legacy she inspired. Having found the invitation to her boat naming in her junk mail folder two days before the ceremony, Kath was exceedingly happy to pour the champagne, and to meet the CUBC lightweight women who would race in her boat.

Kath Pocock with the CUBC Womens Lightweight Crew

“John Church MD” for Dr. John Church. CUWBC member Susanna Blondel proposed the naming, describing her father’s work, and immense enjoyment of the contribution rowing had made to his family. Dr. Church responded with his wishes to the women rowing in the boat named for him, and met the crew.