CUBC Lightweights to take on London Rowing Club tomorrow

CUBC’s Lightweight men will once again take on the men of London Rowing Club on the Tideway. Both crews will look to gain the upper hand after the recent fixture that saw honours split evenly over a series of 4 minute pieces. CUBC Lightweight President Matt Edge commented, “we know London will be keen to win after some good work previously. Nonetheless, we’re confident in the work that we’ve done in the build, and are keenly looking forward to the racing.”

The crew will be

  • Cox: Felix Craig McFeely (Fitzwilliam)
  • Matt Edge (St. Catharine’s)
  • Ed Townsend (Downing)
  • Orlando Morley (Girton)
  • Harry Fieldhouse (St. John’s)
  • Tom Heppel (St. Catharine’s)
  • Freddie Markanday (Queens’)
  • Zuhri James (Fitzwilliam)
  • Ben Wood (Emmanuel)