CUBC Fixture results – Sunday 5th February

Sunday 5th February saw strong racing for all six CUBC crews as they rose to the challenges provided by the University of London, Imperial College, and a crew made up of Dutch National Team squad members. 

CUBC Women’s “A” vs. University of London Women’s “A”

Piece 1: Start to Chiswick Eyot

Although Canadian international Claire Brillon (Fitzwilliam)  was unavailable, her place in CUBC’s top women’s boat was taken by the experienced Gemma King (Caius) as the light blues took on UL’s purple. Undaunted by the strong UL boat, stroke and President Caoimhe Dempsey (Newnham) drove off the start and sought to take advantage of the inside of the Fulham Bend. By Barn Elms, Cambridge had taken ⅔ of a length lead and cox James Trotman (Sidney Sussex) found clear water by the Mile and held his line and nerve through Hammersmith Bridge and aroubnd the outside of the Surrey Bend, extending the lead and taking CUBC to a 1.5 length lead at the finish.

Piece 2: Chiswick Eyot to the Finish

The crews swapped stations for the final piece, and CUBC executed a similar strategy in the second piece, pulling to a length’s lead in the first 90 seconds as the crews entered the Surrey Bend. Shooting Barnes Bridge, CUBC had clear water on UL, who aimed to use the inside of the bend to their advantage. The unity of the CUBC crew showed as the crews worked around the Bend, extending their margin slightly past Duke’s Meadows.  UL started their sprint earlier and ate into the CUBC margin, but the response was strong, as CUBC took the piece by 1.5 lengths.

CUBC Women’s “B” vs. University of London B

Piece 1: Start to Harrods

CUBC had drawn Surrey, and off the line coxswain Kate Crowley (Sidney Sussex)  refused to be lured across to Middlesex and follow UL as they veered in to the Fulham bend,  CUBC’s “B” crew capitalised on UL’s bobble and drew to clear water, which they extended to two lengths by Harrods.

Piece 2: Harrods to Eyot

UL started with more focus, but the crews came together several times during the piece around the Surrey Bend, and CUBC “B” took the win due to umpire Claire Harvey disqualifying UL after repeated clashes, the crews re-grouping for the final piece.

Piece 3:  Chiswick Steps to Finish

In what umpire Claire Harvey described as an “epic battle”, CUBC “B” took an early lead on the last of the inside of the Surrey Bend, moving to ¾ length at the Bandstand. UL used the inside of the Barnes Bend to pull back to level by the Stag Brewery. Undaunted by the challenge from UL, CUBC rose to the challenge and took the piece by ⅓ of a length as the crews passed the finish line.

CUBC Women’s Lightweights vs. Imperial College

Piece 1: Start to Harrods

Racing against a strong Imperial College crew, The LWTs put up a strong fight along the Boats, with IC gradually gaining 4 seats by London, and clear water by Fulham Bend.  The IC crew piled on the pressure up the Crabtree Reach and by Harrods had pushed themselves to a 4 length victory over CUBC’s lightweight women.

Piece 2: Harrods to Chiswick

Stung by the first piece, CUBC’s Lightweights attacked the second piece with vigour, and held the Imperial students on the inside of the Surrey Bend, making every advantage that they could, but the strength of the Imperial crew told as they moved out to a 2.5 length victory.

Piece 3: Chiswick Steps to the Finish

Imperial sought to put their stamp on the final piece, and left no doubt as they cleared CUBC’s lightweights and moved out to clear water and a 4 length victory.

CUBC Men’s “B” vs University of London Men’s “A”

Piece 1: Start to Chiswick Steps

Racing a UL crew including erg world record holder Tristan Wiese, CUBC President Ollie Boyne (Downing) knew that his crew would be challenged so aimed to put the pressure on UL early. The “B” crew started well, taking a half length along the Boats, and extended this coming around the Fulham Bend into choppy conditions. Along Crabtree Reach, stroke Sean Hayes (Jesus) set a strong rhythm and the crew drew to a clear water lead.   UL responded to the challenge, however, and drew level by Harrods and used the inside of the Surrey Bend to take the lead  and with a huge effort take a 1.25 length lead by the end of the piece.

Piece 2: Chiswick Steps to the Finish.

CUBC sought to overturn the verdict in the second piece, attacking and maintaining around the Surrey Bend as UL went for the advantage on the inside of their bend. They made the best of that advantage and led through Barnes Bridge, but both the Cambridge stamina and the inside of the Barnes Bend started to tell as CUBC moved inexorably through the UL boat. The piece wasn’t quite long enough for the Cambridge crew to make their way through, with UL taking the victory by ¼ length.

CUBC Men’s Lightweights vs. UL “B”

Piece 1: Start to Chiswick Steps

Lightweight Coach Nick Acock had conducted significant seat racing over the last few weeks, and the performance by the crew led by stern pair Thomas Heppel (St. Catharine’s) and Harry Fieldhouse (St. John’s) showed that a quick lightweight crew has arisen. The crew started strongly along the Embankment, and soon coxswain Tteja Senthilnathan was able to move over and take the best water against UL’s 2nd crew and the Lightweights moved inexorably further out on their UL opposition and by the time they crossed the line at Chiswick Steps had taken a 6 length victory over UL B.

Piece 2: Chiswick Steps to the Finish

CUBC ceded the advantage of the Middlesex station for the second piece, but the result of the piece was the same, the Lightweights moving quickly through UL, and negating the advantage of the Barnes Bend as they were able to take the course that they preferred and drew out to a 4 length victory in this shorter piece. 

CUBC Men’s “A” vs KNRB

Piece 1: Start to Chiswick Eyot

Racing against a Dutch National Squad including a number of Senior World Cup representatives and 4 of the crew who defeated Washington at the Windermere Cup, CUBC’s men faced tough competition. They were unawed by their larger opponents. The crews went seat for seat along the Boats and coxes Jasper Parish (Clare)  and Sarah Kalf kept umpire Tony Reynolds busy into the Fulham Bend.  The inside of the bend was to Cambridge’s advantage but it was their handling of the choppy water and togetherness that led them to a length’s lead before Harrods. By St. Paul’s they had drawn to a length of clear water and extended this around the Surrey Bend to a 2.5 length lead at the finish.

Piece 2: Chiswick Eyot to the Finish

Stations were swapped for the second piece, with Cambridge taking the starting advantage of the end of the Surrey Bend,  Cambridge quickly took a ⅓ length lead, seeking to be able to take clear water and move to the advantageous station for the tighter Barnes Bend but the Dutch were able to hold the advantage and the crews were level past Emmanuel Boathouse, and the Dutch had the inside of Barnes Bridge. By the White Hart, stroke Eli van Veen was level with 3 seat Brett Taylor (Queens’). Stern pair Ollie Parish (Peterhouse) and Luca Ferraro (King’s) rallied and led a response that held then moved back along the Dutch Boat but the Dutch sprint was early and effective, enabling them to take another half length and a 1.25 length win over Cambridge.