CUBC dominates the Interactive Investor Lightweight Boat Races

On a calm March afternoon, CUBC’s lightweight crews dominated their Oxford opposition on the Tideway. For a recap, please visit the youtube of the Races, at The Lightweight Women’s Race commences at 24:00 into the stream, the Lightweight Men’s Race commences at 1:21:00 into the stream.

Lightweight Women’s Boat Race

Cambridge, racing on Surrey, made a strong start, taking clear water by the Fulham bend, and coxswain Amy Richardson was able to take Oxford’s water as the crews made their way up the Crabtree reach. Settling to a racing rhythm, Cambridge pushed out to a strong 34 and a 4 length lead at Hammersmith.

Cambridge continued to push away from Oxford, and with an eye on re-setting the race record kept the power on, pushing up to 36 at half way. Cambridge continued to push the advantage, and by Barnes Bridge was over 10 lengths ahead. They extended this to a 50 second, or 15 length margin, and a 3 and a half minute demolition of the Race record.

The Club congratulates the Cambridge Lightweight Women on an excellent season, and a hugely competent execution of their race plan.

Lightweight Men’s Boat Race

Oxford having won the toss and chosen Surrey, Cambridge replied in the best possible fashion with an excellent start, pushing themselves out to 3/4 length along the boats with stroke Matt Edge keeping the rate up at 37. Within 3 minutes, Cambridge had taken clear water and cox Felix Craig-McFeely was able to take the water and steer his own course.

Cambridge held the Oxford push around the Surrey Bend, readying for a push from Chiswick Steps onwards. Although “out on his feet” Edge kept his crew in rhythm and set out to extend the lead, which they did, crossing the line 5 lengths ahead of Oxford.

Well done CUBC!