CUBC Crews at Henley Royal Regatta Qualifiers

CUBC wishes its crews well in their efforts to qualify for Henley Royal Regatta. The Stewards have required that the following crews must seek to qualify for the Regatta.

The Hambleden Pairs Challenge Cup3.22 pm – 2 crews to qualify from 6 entries

  • I.T. Bastian & C.S. Dempsey (Cambridge University) – qualified
  • G.L. King & M.A. Foxell (Cambridge University) – did not qualify

The Diamond Challenge Sculls3.26 pm – 5 qualifiers from 27 entries

  • M.J. Edge (Cambridge University) – did not qualify

The Temple Challenge Cup – 4.26 pm – quaiified

  • Cambridge University

The Princess Royal Challenge Cup – 5.26 pm qualified

  • F.B. Keto (Cambridge University)

The Silver Goblets and Nickalls Challenge Cup – 6.52 pm qualified

  • N.D. Mouelle & S.L.R. Benzecry (Cambridge University)

We wish all our crews success in their racing, along with our alumni such as 2019 President Dara Alizadeh, multiple Blues Sarah Portsmouth and Charlie Fisher, Blondie’s Millie Perrin and Millie Hopkins, Goldie’s Reggie Mitchell and Angus Knights, and Lightweight alum Freddie Markanday.