CUBC announces its entries for 2023’s Henley Royal Regatta

The final week of June will see a stream of CUBC entries for the 2023 Henley Royal Regatta, with crews including members of all six crews of the Club’s 2023 Clean Sweep. If you can’t make the Regatta in person, you will be able to watch the crews on the HRR YouTube Channel, BBC Red Button, or highlights on Discovery+.

The Diamond Challenge Sculls: M.J.L. Edge (St. Catharine’s)

The Princess Royal Challenge Cup: F.B. Keto (St. Edmund’s)

The Silver Goblets and Nickalls’ Challenge Cup N.D. Moulle (Hughes Hall) and S.L.R. Benzecry (Jesus)

The Hamblen Pairs Challenge Cup: I. T. Bastian (Jesus) and C. Dempsey (Newnham), G.L. King (St. John’s) and M.A. Foxell (Pembroke)

The Visitors Challenge Cup: L.D. Ferraro (King’s), T.E. Lynch (Hughes Hall), B.W.R. Taylor (Queens’), O.P.W. Parish (Peterhouse)

The Prince Albert Challenge Cup: S.C.W. Hayes (Jesus), R.R. Boericke (Girton), L.D.S. Beever (Emmanuel), C.A..H. Spiers (Downing), O.S. Boyne (Downing)

The Temple Challenge Cup: H.A.M. Fieldhouse (St. John’s), G. Vartan (Homerton), J.L.H. Holey (St. Catharine’s), O.R.H Morley (Girton), C.A. Mackenzie (Caius), B.R. Jones (Magdalene), R.L.D. Gray (St. Catharine’s), T.W. Heppel (St. Catharine’s), T.S. Senthilnathan (Girton)

Updates will be posted daily on the Club’s website, and we will update on alumni crew members.