CUBC announces its crews to race at British Universities Championships

CUBC is proud to announce its crews to race at BUCS, Nottingham, on three busy days of racing on the May Bank Holiday weekend. Commencing April 30th, CUBC’s crews from Olympians to Development Squad, along with college entries from Selwyn, Caius, Pembroke and Downing will take on the best University programs in the UK.

M Int Lwt 1x

Sam Taylor

M Ch Lwt 1x

Orlando Morley

W Int 2-

  • Vera Kunz, Carina Graf
  • Casey Shepheard, Gemma King

W Int 2-

  • Jenna Armstrong, Clare Hole
  • Millie Hopkins, Alexandra Riddell-Webster

W Int 2-

Rosanna Barraclough, Alice Dyson

W Ch 2-

  • Bronya Sykes, Imogen Grant
  • Adriana Perez Rotondo, Caoimhe Dempsey

W Ch Lwt 2x

  • Brigid Kennedy, Imogen Grant
  • Rosa Millard, Jodie Cameron

M Beg 4+

Matt Francis, Jack Morley, Sebastian Wright, Tobias Allen, [Cox] Grégoire Denjean

W Int Lwt 1x

  • Jodie Cameron
  • Olivia Alliott

W Ch Lwt 1x

  • Imogen Grant
  • Brigid Kennedy
  • Miranda Clements
  • Gemma King

M Beg 1x

  • Matt Francis
  • Jack Campbell

W Beg 4+

Gemma Swan, Niamh Casstles, Jessica Spain, Carys Earl, [Cox] Anna Tuck

W Ch 1x

Imogen Grant

W Ch Lwt 4-

Jodie Cameron, Gemma King, Freya Sutcliffe, Rosa Millard

M Ch Lwt 2x

Orlando Morley, Gianluca Maffi

W Int 8+

  • Carina Graf, Alexandra Riddell-Webster, Casey Shepheard, Rosa Millard, Jenna Armstrong, Vera Kunz, Rhiannon Lynne, Clare Hole, [Cox] Dylan Whitaker
  • Polly Shorrock, Ottoline Martin, Molly Foxell, Iris Powell, Fizz McNally, Florence Bradshaw, Tatiana Sedelnikov, Lucy Ashton, [Cox] Kate Crowley

W Ch 8+

Imogen Grant, Bronya Sykes, Paige Badenhorst, Adriana Perez Rotondo, Caoimhe Dempsey, Sarah Portsmouth, Millie Hopkins, Grace Prendergast, [Cox] Jasper Parish

W Int Lwt 2-

  • Brigid Kennedy, Rosa Millard
  • Olivia Alliott, Gemma King

W Int 4+

  • Vera Kunz, Carina Graf, Alexandra Riddell-Webster, Rhiannon Lynne, [Cox] Jamie Webb
  • Emma Radford, Beth Merrifield, Maria Victoria Rodriguez Noci, Rosie Neaman, [Cox] Grace Donkin
  • Fizz McNally, Ottoline Martin, Lauren Britten, Tatiana Sedelnikov, [Cox] Fania Christodoulides
  • Molly Foxell, Iris Powell, Lucy Ashton, Florence Bradshaw, [Cox] Kate Crowley

W Ch 4+

Paige Badenhorst, Gemma King, Sarah Portsmouth, Millie Hopkins, [Cox] Jasper Parish

M Ch 2-

Jonathon (Freddie) Markanday, Cameron Mackenzie

W Int Lwt 4x

Brigid Kennedy, Freya Sutcliffe, Rosa Millard, Jodie Cameron

W Ch 4-

Imogen Grant, Adriana Perez Rotondo, Caoimhe Dempsey, Bronya Sykes

W Int 2x

Carina Graf, Alexandra Riddell-Webster