CUBC Announces its crews for its fixtures against Leander and Oxford Brookes

Along with naming 4 new boats on Sunday 6th, CUBC will race a number of crews from Leander and Oxford Brookes this weekend.

CUBC’s men will take on Oxford Brookes, and CUBC’s women will take on Leander

CUBC Men vs. Oxford Brookes “A”

  • (c) Charlie Marcus
  • (s) Oliver Parish
  • James Bernard
  • Tom George
  • Ollie Wynne-Griffith
  • Simon Schurch
  • George Finlayson
  • James Hunter
  • (b) Luca Ferraro

CUBC Women vs. Leander “A”

  • (c) Jasper Parish
  • (s) Imogen Grant
  • Grace Prendergast
  • Sarah Portsmouth
  • Bronya Sykes
  • Ruby Tew
  • Paige Badenhorst
  • Caoimhe Dempsey
  • (b) Adriana Perez Rotondo

CUBC Goldie vs. Oxford Brookes “B”

  • (c) Ollie Boyne
  • (s) Henry Evans
  • Seb Benzecry
  • Hugo Durward
  • Reef Boericke
  • Thomas Lynch
  • Lasse Grimmer
  • Cameron Spiers
  • (b) George Hawkswell

CUBC Blondie vs. Leander “B”

  • (c)Dylan Whitaker
  • (s)Elena von Mueller
  • Alex Riddell Webster
  • Millie Hopkins
  • Clare Hole
  • Jenna Armstrong
  • Carina Graf
  • Vera Kunz
  • (b) Nicole Molina