CUBC alumnus Louis Margot is aiming to circumnavigate the globe without an engine

2017 Goldie Louis Margot is ambitiously planning to circumnavigate the globe, and to set a Guinness World Record to surpass exisiting record of 5 years and 11 days. It was achieved by Erden Eruç between 2007 and 2012. Louis is aiming to knock over 2 years off this time.

His interests in exploration were started by his 3000k ride to to Instanbul after the Goldie race, where Louis discovered a passion for travelling at human speeds and interacting with those he met along the way. His next endeavour takes this to the next level and he is aiming to commence in early September 2023, at the same time as CUBC’s squads commence for the 2024 Boat Races.

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