Winter Head 2012

Winter Head 2012 - 1

Cambridge Winter Head was the first opportunity for the 2013 trialists to get some race experience under their belts. Split into four crews (an eight, quad, coxed and coxless four) they raced against a wide variety of competition over a 2500m course to a great deal of success.

The first CULRC boat of the day to race was a coxless four, formed of Matt Pryn, Simon Morris, Niko Szumilo and Will Hayes. Setting off 24th in their division behind a quad and womens’ eights they expected that some careful manoeuvring might be required. Heading out with a racey rhythm quickly they gained on the quad in front of them. Expert steering by Will Hayes saw them overtake the Lincoln quad on the inside of grassy and a Cantabs women’s eight on the exit. Having avoided hitting anything through the corners, they found a solid rhythm on the reach, and found more speed as they came in towards the railway bridge. At this point they came across Peterhouse W1 attempting to overtake Selwyn W1, leaving Will Hayes the smallest gap to slip through, which he did, not without bumping the Peterhouse crew. Overall the crew were happy with how they raced, and pleased to have beaten the Isle of Ely/Rob Roy composite chasing them.

Winter Head 2012 - 2

The second boat out was an eight, coxed by Priya Crosby and formed of Emmanuel Malek, Chris Kerr, John Beckett, Sam Bell, Jack Buckingham, Jamie Wilman, Ed Longinotti and Will Handy. The eight attacked the start well with good acceleration down first post reach, rating high at round 38. Preparation and visualisation paid off in the gut and on plough reach, clocking a time of 3.20 at the plough – 8 seconds faster than the next fastest crew on the river. The commitment of the crew was well tested along the long reach, where the high rate started to take its toll. However, a hard term of fitness training served us well, allowing the crew to make a good squeeze on from the railway bridge to the finish. An overall time of 8.20 was rewarding and well deserved.

Winter Head 2012 - 3

More details from the quad and coxed four to follow.

Winter Head 2012 - 4

Overall, the crews performed well with the eight clocking the fastest time of the day and the quad recieving the prize for the fastest PGMT time.

Photo Credit: Charles Heron