Thank you to Cross Country and Greater Anglia Trains

We want to take a moment to thank the companies who enable our team of scholar athletes to travel out to Ely to row in the mornings and then get back to Cambridge for their lectures.  

A huge thank you to Cross Country Trains and Greater Anglia! Our dedicated scholar athletes work to learn and improve every day in the classroom,  in the gym, and on the water. With a weekly eighteen hour training schedule on top of demanding academic courses, time cannot be wasted. So how do we travel from water sessions in Ely to reach the lecture hall in time for a 9am class – a distance of twenty miles, three mornings per week?   Our team catch the train!

As Dan Lafferty (Queens’ College) puts it “I really appreciate being able to get the train because the traffic in the morning is so bad it isn’t plausible to drive the bus.  And it’s much more eco-friendly!”

Everyone local to Cambridge knows how slow the rush hour traffic is every morning. Public transport is the only way to quickly travel from Ely where we row on the water to Cambridge for our students’ lectures, supervisions, and labs.  The friendly staff at Cambridge Station witness the team catch the 5:55am Cross Country train to Ely, letting up to 70 students through the ticket barriers each day with a smile! Then the welcoming team at Ely Station watch the students dash to catch the 8:33am Greater Anglia train back into Cambridge, arriving 20mins later in time to jump on a bike and arrive for the 9am start of a lecture. Those with a bit more time eat breakfast at the boathouse and then catch the 8:54 Cross Country train.

As Laura Foster (Queens’ College) says “On the train, I like to take the time to decompress from training, allowing me to focus 100% on both my studies and my rowing.  I also enjoy fuelling up with more breakfast on the train!”

The contribution Greater Anglia and Cross Country Trains have made over the last few years has had an incredible impact.   You enable our students to ensure they attend their classes, maintaining their reputation of hard-working, committed academics, which is reflected in their academic achievements.

We have experienced a great amount of success over our ninety-year history and none of this would be possible without dedicated supporters like Cross Country and Greater Anglia.  We need a big team to help us achieve. We hope the staff we meet at the station feel part of our Boat Race journey! Your contributions touch the lives of every scholar-athlete that dons the Light Blue.

As we move forward, it will take the support of many to ensure that our scholar-athletes have the resources they need to not only be great students and competitors, but also great people.

Pippa Dakin (Newnham College) “The Cross Country and Greater Anglia support saves us so much time and money, we are so grateful!  Now that we can take trains from both companies, it gives is options to get back to Cambridge and those who have 9am lectures aren’t disadvantaged.”